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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 12/05/2015
  • Severity: 8

Jesica Solorio, sweepstakes heavens, prepaid teleconnect

Watch out for Sweep Stakes Heaven IT'S A RIP OFF

El Centro, California

This is supposed to be an online sweepstakes aka barley legal casino. I won $75 and the manager Jesica Solorio refused to pay me. After hearing from countless other people that she refused to pay them to, I did a little research. I was shocked to find out Jessica Solorio has this job. She has been fired from her past 2 jobs for embezzlement. First from Robo Bank in El Centro and then from Brawley Inn. Only reason she's not in prison is because her momy bought her way out. Not to mention Jessica hired her husband Rudy Solorio to work here. Rudy was convicted of attempted murder after the pansy lost a fist fight he went home and got a gun and shot the guy. Rudy served 10 years for that (in PC) because he was a snitch. Now keep in mind to register at prepaid teleconnect aka sweepstakes heaven, you have to give them your personal information, are these people someone you want to trust with that? Hell I don't even trust letting my husband go in there after all Jessica's best friend (who also works there) has bern doing Jessica's husband right under her noise for at least a year. If that girl is going to do her bosses man you don't think she will do your man too?


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