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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 12/06/2015
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ГУДОВИЧ ОЛЕГ/Oleg Gudovich

fraud in pellet for heating

Belarus/italy, Pinsk

Attention to all the companies dealing with wood, pellet and iron/metal.
My name is Luca,This "man" named Oleg gudovich fakes the document of loading ask for prepayment and doesn't send the material.
He probably thinks he is smart, but he gave a number of the Republic of Belarus, there all the numbers are registred with ID, it took not so long for my collegues in Belarus to know all about him.
He is from Pinsk,he has a long term Visa for Europe , and he "works" in Latvia and Estonia,not only with pellet but also with metal. As we know he had some connection to this company, be careful to work with them also, all the business related to this person are dangerous !!! he is frauding other companies in Italy, we are collecting all the warnings from them, they will be given at right authorities in Belarus.Trough our brench we know a lot about that Country, our collegues are not happy about what happened
He was so smart to give an account of a latvian bank, not knowing that European laws for frauds and laundry of money are lot more strict than in Belarus.It will be a peasure to see his Visa ripped off so he can get rotten in His Pinsk
He was reported at the authorities in the Republic of belarus,this year we will make formal denounce, our company has been busy with a big contract and we left this poor "man" as the last thing
His company in Belarus is called Granul top,the adress doesn't exist anywhere in Misnk when we were there ,just another of his frauds. his collegue will answer, we didn't understand if he connected with the fraud or not, anyway he will be inclued in the report at the authorities.We know this granul top works or used to work with some machines, not with pellet, be careful!! this warning will be published in all the network working with wood, metal and wooden houses!!!!!
Our money will come back, we might also add the journey to Pinsk to him, just be careful to work with him !!!!
feel free to contact me if you want
Be careful when u see these !
"Granul - TOP Ltd"
L.Romenskaya 18-7
Skype: ssguru1
mail to:
Company ID/Partnership No.: OC365624 Address/Адрес: Suite 1, The Studio, St.Nicholas Close, Elstree,Hertfordshire WD6 3EW, England, GB
Account/Расчетный счет: IBAN LV33AIZK0000010337833 Bank/Банк: ABLV Bank, AS, address:23 Elizabetes St., Riga, Latvia, LV-1010, S.W.I.F.T. code: AIZK LV 22

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fraud in pellet for heating


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