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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 12/10/2015
  • Severity: 10

Christmas Bail Bonds


Van Nuys, California

WARNING! Do NOT use this corrupt bail company, Christmas Bail Bonds.
Christmas Bail Bonds, in Van Nuys. California is a very DANGEROUS and MENACING place to do business with. The owner, Charlie is a child molester who has sex with autistic boys and rapes helpless women.
Christmas Bail BOnds and the owner, Charlie, scam people. They bail people out, then later illegaly demand MORE money than required--they demand more than the tem percent.
First they lie that they'll bail you out and let you pay later. LIES!!
The very second that they post your bail and you get out, they wait for you right there and forcible take you to the sleazy office in Van Nuys. Then they lock the door and start the THREATS and demands. They lie that you BETTER PAY MORE MONEY THAN ORIGINALLY AGREED UPON OR ELSE!!
Then after they scam there, and get more money than the ten percent, they keep calling you every day and demanding more money.
If they have your credit card number, then Charlie will ilegally charge your credit card and empty your bank account.
If you do not keep paying them more and more blackmail money, the owner Charlie will have your bail revoked and have you put back in jail and will destroy your court case. This happened to me and over 59 other people. The owner Charlie is a convicted sexual predator of little boys. Charlie is very sick and has psychiatric problems. Charlie uses his customers and blackmails them and robs them. He will have his agents bil people out, butthen start demanding more money every other day. He calls his customers and makes up lies about additional fees, which are do not exist. If you dont pay him more blood mony, he goes to court, lies to the judge, and has your bail revoked and has the judge put you back in jail. He will make your life miserable. Even the police and jailers know about the Crooked and Corrupt Charlie the owner of Christmas Bail Bonds. Even the police warn people not to use Christmas Bail Bonds for bail because there have been numerous problems and complaints against Charlie and his illegal actions against his own customers. Christmas Bail BOnds is the most CROOKED company and STEALS money from customers. Charlie has not only been convicted of sexual deviation crimes against minors, but he has also been convicted of fraud, credit card forgery, identity theft and numerous other heinous crimes.


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