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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 12/17/2015
  • Severity: 10

Cardinal Capital Management

Cardinal Capital Management allowed psychostalkerpedo live @ juniper court

St Francis, Wisconsin

Did these idiots at Cardinal Capital Management actually do a background check before admitting Bill Schmalfeldt to apartment 108 of Juniper Court?! If they had, they would have seen the records of his 6 Restraining Orders for threats and stalking people. They would have seen his criminal record for harassment in Maryland.

If they had even simply used google or bing, they would have noticed a few things...

--Like the fact that not only is Bill Schmalfeldt a stalking creeper psycho, he also has access to guns, as proved by this googleable photo:

--Like the fact that Microsoft cancelled Schmalfeldt's account for using it "for illegal activity; to view/distribute child pornography" To read the letter, just check it out here:
Since the Catholics have had so much trouble with pedophiles, you'd think they'd think twice before housing a disgusting pervert like Bill Schmalfeldt who blogged rape fantasies involving children (just google "Schmalfeldt cub scouts rape")

Bill Schmalfeldt is a gun nut. He has restraining orders against him in multiple states. He has a criminal stalking record in Maryland. Did these numbskulls at Cardinal Capital Management not connect the dots? Or did they just drop the ball and, wanting to make a quick buck, fail to background-check a very obvious stalking violent pedophilic psycho?


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  • CMA
  • Submitted: 12/17/2015
This is very disturbing. We had a client like this where I work and it did not turn out well. They should be warned about this.

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