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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 12/17/2015
  • Severity: 8

Marquet International Ltd.

Marquet International Ltd Boston failed to vet criminally linked employee

Wellesley, Massachusetts

This company has no interest in quality hiring. My firm was thinking about retaining them to do a bit of work for us. So I do a basic background check, and find that one of their "profiled employees" has criminal connections,and a record of adultery and dishonesty. Hasn't Marquet International heard of trying GOOGLE before hiring someone?

Well, just to save anyone else some headaches, here's what our research turned up...

Dossier for VAN CAM KHANG

Khang was found to have an intimate connection with Michael L. CARUCCI convicted of felony money-laundering


Khang was found to have an intimate connection with Brett T. WOHL convicted of felony extortion and grand theft


Khang was alleged to have committed deceptive practices in a public report


My firm recently considered contracting with this solo practitioner (VC Khang). When we asked our usual background questions about her personal past and present associations, her answers seemed evasive. So one of my associates followed up with a full background survey.

A number of red flags popped up concerning this individual. Most disturbingly, we discovered Ms. Khang is closely linked to an individual with a conviction for felony money-laundering. This alone convinced us to take our business elsewhere.

We also discovered that past employers and personal acqaintances, when allowed to speak "off the record", reported a systematic pattern of lying, cheating and deception in Ms. Khang's dealings with them.

Anyone interested in following up for themselves can easily find much information by a careful Google search: namely, search the firm's name ("Khang Advisory") + "scam" or "cheating" or "deception"

Khang Advisory tried to deceive my firm about their integrity, character and fitness. We are filing this report to ensure that no one else is similary scammed by this dishonest individual's misrepresentations.

Comment 1:
Wasnt sure what to think So I did some searching

Is this the one, Van Khang?

I dont think its healthy to drink like that Pretty sad she do that
She lies, she cheats, she drinks

Comment 2:
AUTHOR: Ernst A. Young - ()
SUBMITTED: Friday, February 14, 2014

Used to work with her before the firm invited her to leave. I'm not surprised to learn she's hooked up with a convicted felon, since she was shady as all hell when I knew her.

Comment 3:
hmmm...I know something about this. One of their recent hires was formerly at a law firm I have a friend at. She ended up leaving the firm under a very foul cloud...booze, [***], ethics, the usual. If this company picked her up, then it's pretty obvious they don't vet their hires all that carefully.

Van C. Khang ... id=8&sobi2Id=55
na, she was at ernst & young. total [***]. married to a buddy of mine. she [***] everything that moved, then, when my buddy divorced the skank, she tried to steal from their bank account. once the E&Y home office "found out" about the [***]'s [***] around on company time, they "invited her to leave." Now she's doing [***] paper work at that toilet law firm.

Comment 4:
NOT ethical to be hooking up with convicted felons, especially if their felonies are financial crimes.
But that's what she did...

United States Attorney Michael J. Sullivan and Michael Lahey, Special Agent in Charge of the U.S. Internal Revenue Service, Criminal Investigation, announced today that MICHAEL L. CARUCCI, age 43, of Harwichport, Massachusetts, was convicted by a jury sitting before U.S. District Judge Robert E. Keeton on six counts charging unlawful monetary transactions in criminally derived property in excess of $10,000. The charged transactions involved purchases of equipment for the laundromat business, known as Commonwealth Laundries & Cleaners, Inc., and the purchase of commercial condominium, Unit Comm #1 at 362 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston.

Money-launderer Carucci with Van C. Khang (Boston)


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