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  • Submitted: 12/23/2015
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Sunshine Pediatrics, LLC

Sunshine Pediatrics, LLC (Silver Spring, Maryland)

Silver Spring, Maryland

It is a shame Dr. Clark, you´ll get to lose 3 patients due to the poor choice you made when choosing a "manager". I have taken my 3 children at your practice for 4 years not having a single problem, ever. This was such a nice office, customer service was great, the flexibility at the time of making appointments was great, even walk ins were allowed from time to time. We never had a problem when Teresa was there, even when the new staff arrived, except of course your "manager". I am really disappointed at how my child has been treated , at how your manager playing "nasty" under a silly list of new rules made of your office one more among many others instead of the familiar one that has helped people so much. It is a shame you don't bother yourself to call and find out what happened there today and be concerned about my child's health instead of just listening to people screaming in spanish and getting just one side of what really happened and why. I will not bend over and salute and smile at that person just to be treated nicely. There are ways to say things but even when a person is right under the rules, even when that person really dislike another person, that does not gives her the right to deny health care to a child or what might be even worse, to take advantage of that "power" position to mistreat and humiliate a patient's father. My child has been sick for the third time in less than 3 weeks and all I needed was to talk to you and get some answers because besides my own concerns, from the daycare, they told me that I had to find out was is wrong with Gustavo and this is how I end up, making this public on Facebook and anywhere I can leave feedback about this bad day at your office.

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Sunshine Pediatrics, LLC (Silver Spring, Maryland) Sunshine Pediatrics, LLC (Silver Spring, Maryland) Sunshine Pediatrics, LLC (Silver Spring, Maryland) Sunshine Pediatrics, LLC (Silver Spring, Maryland)


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Dr. Maiya Clark, MD is a Maryland-area doctor (Silver Spring) that is giving perscription treatment to children who did not need them, including my daughter. I am the third woman to report against this doctor for misdiagnosed treatment in the last six months. I was charge one price from Sunshine Pediatrics through my insurance company and then the Co-pay was a complete rip-off $153.00. This doctor needs to return my money or I will be contacting my local police authorities. She is the biggest fraudster in Maryland, she has not for children at all. Her patients are not children to her, they ar profit robots. She has shared my daughter medical records for profit with collection agencies, and Dr. Clark has violated the hippocratic oath and violated the trust of my daughter as an patient. She needs to be STOP!!!! I want my money back as well as my daughter's medical records. Please stay far away from this doctor her apology is not accepted. You took full advantage of my trust. You scammed me!!!!!!

Angry Patient who will not return!!!!

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