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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 01/15/2016
  • Severity: 10

Attorney Arvand Naderi


ENCINO, California

The epitome of scum bucket sleaze bag.
This idiot, "attorney" Arvand Naderi is the biggest bych and unskilled crook. Do NOT hire this crooked clown. He'll take your money, not lift a finger to do any work for your case, and then quit your case all too soon and RUN with your money.
As for all of those so-called "glowing" reviews on Avvo and his own website--those are all phony, concocted reviews that he paid a firm to write for him. Yes, there are firms that provide that service, for a fee.
Attorney Arvand Naderi is more crooked than a broken tree branch.
He is a paid informant and a SNITCH. Yeah, he knows all of the court D.A.'s and judges, and bailiffs, and even the cops on every police force in this state. But do NOT for a second think that that will ever benefit the client. In fact, he uses his connections to the DETRIMENT of his clients, because he uses what he knows about the client to snitch to the court judges and get the client thrown in jail, mid case, so that he can quit the case, keep the money, and not have to answer to anyone.
Here's another scam he runs on his own clients: He initially consults with a client for free and promises the moon and the stars. He pretends to be "really dedicated." BUT, once he gets the hefty fee from the poor client, THAT'S it. He starts ignoring phone calls, lies left and right, and does NOTHING for the case. When the client understandably questions this, he then suddenly becomes argumentative and rude. The, a few later he quits the case, citing "Breakdown of communication" or something like that (A common scam tactic of all unskilled, cowardly lawyers who want a quick buck).
And BOOM! The client is left holding the bag and out of all that money--and NO, he will NOT refund a single cent.
Even if you doubt any of this, do NOT hire this punk ass sleaze bag, this unskilled coward.
Remember, he is a snitch, apid informant. That alone is detrimental to your case.
Do not risk your case or your life to this nut job.
There are far too many good, experienced, honest attorneys all over the state--hire anyone else except this POS.
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