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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 01/16/2016
  • Severity: 10

Ramsey Itan or Ramsey Itanry

Solicits money from females on dating sites

Kuala Lumpor, Key West, Florida

He consistently writes mostly by text...always addresses the contact as "babe" I know because he contacts multiple women. He falls in love fast, adds you to get off dating site because he wants you to himself. Tells you he loves you. He advises he is in Malaysia for. Dam project for six months. Has financial problems and them asks for help consistently. He us very charming. Has an accent. Says he goes to church every Sunday. Watches soccer on TV.
Gets sick a lot...flu, cold, etc. Works up to the big wire transfer eventually to get work completion certificates or anti terrorism/laundering certificates from IMF Bank. He says he lives in Key West (leases). His son is disabled--doesn't speak (age 15). His passport indicates he was born in California on 11/10/ could be fake. Another email he used:
Phone number is (702) 625-1522...very rarely answers.
Address in Malaysia: L-12-09 Jati 2 Condo
usj1 subang mewah, subang jaya
47630 Selangor, Malaysia
I sent a gift of a watch there and he confirmed receipt.
He receives wire transfers via:
Ashurov Bekzodbek,
Plaza Yeoh Tiong Lay 55
Jalan Bukit MY
United States
Bank: CIMB Bank Berhad
Bank address: Level 19, Menara Bumiputra
Commerce 11 Jalan Raja Laut
Kuala Lumpur, MY. 50360.
Get angry ladies! He is the worst kind of man!


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  • Xenia
  • Submitted: 08/21/2016
Ramsey Itan is an evil person he uses different pictures everything this other person wrote about him its all true. He claims that he needs money to pay for pretax of the job he was doing as the other person that wrote about him said. He had been texting me since November of last year till today 08/21/2016 I have found comments from different ladies in other websites. He uses he still has the same phone number. He had a check sent to my house from a company based in Canada for eight millions plus dollars he claims he lives in Miami and gave me an address that it does exist but I knew he was fake. He will text you beautiful songs with lovely lyrics and will tell you how much he loves you and can't wait to be with you. He asked me for money cause he didn't know about the pretax in Malaysia mind you that he claims he has been in forty something countries that he works as a contract engineer. Ladies be aware of this guy he won't leave you alone till he gets what he wants please don't believe a word he says he just won't stop until he gets your last penny you will notice that little by little he would withdraw using te excuse he has a cold or either a pink eye. Be aware based on what I have read he has been a scammer since 2012. He will texts you in different hours of the days sometimes weird hours. You can be texting back and forth and he will disappear on you must likely he would be having conversations with other ladies cause he is desperate for money. He claims he vested millions of dollars into this project he even told me we were going to live together he was retiring and buying a house by a lake and a boat while he invited me to go to Canada with him to be able to cash the check that we were going to be there for five days. This year he would be 66 years old the pictures he has sent me you can tell they are from different guys. CAUTION HE IS A PHONY AND A LIAR
  • Xenia
  • Submitted: 08/21/2016
Forgot to mention he said he is in Selangor, Malaysia. He uses Khalila Binti Khudri and Syeful Bahroon Bin Shukor as his connections to send the money to. Just be aware of any story similar to the one I just wrote cause I'm sure he will change his emails address pictures and the story he would tell you

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