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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 01/17/2016
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LIVE OAK, Florida

well what happen BEAVER ...YOUR LOW LIFE farm animal fucker and your Lowest Of Life BEAVER Family and your Low Life Daddy who dumped your mommy for a 30 year hill-biily trash and did not leave your family shit ...see the state is all over you and your brother for EPA violations and Not Paying taxing ... Hows that Pace Maker hold up you scum ... too many drugs there ND YOU COULDN'T EVEN PAY YOUR HOSPITAL BILLS ...PUT IT THE Tax-payers

WELL Now ..the truth has been told ... charges were dropped against as the ADA whore jammie Kendal had No Choice due to the fact that Linda Risden was ....One Again Facing perjury charges for Just One More false story .. Ms Kendal is a is Basic Low Life Judge cock-suck as she does and how she got her job in Live Oak Florida ...Where Bigamy is fair game ...including Farm Animals and even your family members ....

matter is cleared Once again ...just One More Woman crying wolf costing the tax payers over $29,000.00 in live oak ....this is a town with a D/A that was the size of a FAT ASS Cow whom was removed for Fraud and taking money and bids ... Tendal is the towns low life ada whom will suck any-one to move up .. ms Risden did not denied that facts in this case as to he lies and fraud ...the systems is Broken ..justice is Broken ...when you have Low Lifes like Jammie Tendel working for the D/A and she should be in Jail ..and Dis-Barred

Live Oak Florida, Florida, 32060
LINDA RISDEN as her claim to her husbands..claim to being un-stable is her attempt to throw off her tail of her Grand Thief and Felony investigation...and her Open Adultery and Bigamy.. after police show up at the trailer of her and her Lover ..Craig Marvin Beaver aka Junk-Yard police found them living a panic... Ms Linda Risden ..still married and still married to this date... will make up any story she can...sine her Daughter was just convicted ALSO of felony grand thief for the very same Mother Daughter.. the Daughter Bridget Lynn Massey is serving 10 Years... moms most-likely next and the real reason is the Husband has all the accounting and documents of her crimes..and it that very reason...Mrs Risden has tried in every way to have her husband arrested.. claiming stalking, mental illness and it just goes one and on.... But Live Oak Florida found out her Dirty Little Secert Mrs Linda Risden move on and now heading for Georiga ..Mrs Linda Risden crimes are too many to her claim of being in the top 1% of realtors nation fact she is not even in the top one percent in her own office..and so the joke goes.. if you would like to see the charge filed against Linda Risden they are on file in Broward County Sheriffs Department...under Grand Thief


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