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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 01/24/2016
  • Severity: 10

Barry K. Rothman

Buyer Beware

Los Angeles, California

Law Offices Of Barry K. Rothman WARNING: Barry K. Rothman is a threat to yourself and business.

Barry K. Rothman deceitfully overrides "Constitutional" principles of law, having the underlying motivation weakens and manipulates "his own clients", legal standing. Such ethical disregard, is something you do not easily conceive from your attorney, (let alone anticipate or plan for). This impending urgency or dire loss becomes an only remaining option, if not to comply and consent to Rothman's scheme. Accordingly, Barry K. Rothman circumvents common law in unilaterally assuring his own personal financial success, long before your legal dispute has a chance of being litigated or resolved.

This is carried out through and backed up alongside dangerous verbal threats having the clearly stated intention to undermine his own client. "Harm subsequently far greater than the one you already paid him to resolve". Trying to understand this (in the moment) is very difficult and conceivably disorienting. However, Rothman's malicious intentions are made very clear. "Or else".

Clearly defined laws ("ethics") are upheld in order to protect the interests of the public-at-large from (Rothman) or any other person's reckless, negligent disregard for others, in a practice of law. Therefore, as a directly related result of such grossly malicious conduct, "individuals and businesses alike" are being continuously ruined. One would then ask? How many more voices and common experiences must petition prior to The State of California and or Attorney General takes the swift and well justified comprehensive account for these similar events.


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  • MariaC
  • Submitted: 02/03/2016
In the years I have known and worked with Mr. Barry Rothman I have always been satisfied. Each experience has been predictable - with no surprises. I have never had a problem with his fees, nor his responsiveness.
  • JoeB
  • Submitted: 02/05/2016
I have known and worked with the Law Offices of Barry K Rothman for years now. I have found him to be decent person and his firm to be ethical. I have never had any issues with he or his firm. He quickly returns calls and deals with issues straight away.
  • PaulM
  • Submitted: 02/12/2016
I highly recommend the Law Offices of Barry K Rothman. In the years we have worked together, I have always felt my firm was treated fairly. His firm works well with ours.
  • MariaR
  • Submitted: 02/17/2016
I have been wokring with the Law Offices of Barry K Rothman for over two years. Their firm has always been quick, ethical, and honorable in our dealings. I will continue to work with Mr. Rothman's firm.
  • ScottM
  • Submitted: 03/16/2016
In the years we have worked together, Attorney Barry K Rothman and his firm have treated me right. Their ethics in their dealings with me have always been honorable and above reproach.
  • ChrisE
  • Submitted: 03/23/2016
Barry Rothman's firm has been working with me for years. In all our dealings during that time, they have been an ethical and honorable firm.
  • KarenM
  • Submitted: 03/28/2016
My company has worked with the Law Offices of Barry K Rothman for years now. We have always enjoyed this relationship, and have felt that we have been treated fairly and equitably during all that time.
I have worked with the Law Offices of Barry K Rothman for years. This firm has always treated me well.
The list of clients that the Law Offices of Barry K Rothman represents is impressive to say the least. They are some of the giants and ground breaking artists of modern music and entertainment.  If Attorney Rothman is good enough to represent them he is clearly an exceptional attorney.
There a few negative rants out there about the Attorney Barry K Rothman and his law offices. Most of them are vague and many suggest very specific Google search terms. Obviously not so subtle attempts to Google Bomb Mr Rothman and pull web traffic to specific sensationalist web sites.  He is an outstanding attorney!
  • JacobY
  • Submitted: 06/27/2016
Our business needs experience and results. Especially at tax time. We are not concerned with anger and rants of pop music fans. Rothman's firm has the experience with US Tax Court that makes it our “go to” representation.
  • MariaH
  • Submitted: 07/15/2016
This firm was invaluable in negotiating my contract. I know how to make music, not what things like acceleration clauses are. I would have never been able to get a fair deal with the label and its attorneys without Rothman and his firm.
  • KevinT
  • Submitted: 07/25/2016
Regardless of a few vague complaints, lawyer Barry Rothman has been in practice for over 40 years.  Our research before working with his firm turned up no issues from major organizations such as the ABA, FTC, and BBB. After more than two years working together, we have no complaints.
  • SusanR
  • Submitted: 08/08/2016
Attorney Rothman has an impressive list of awards. He is on multiple who's who lists and has awards for community service. We are a client a because of his achievements and his having demonstrated his firm's abilities to us. It is hard to believe the handful of rants about him.
  • jenM
  • Submitted: 09/23/2016
This firm is not limited to California. Rothman's firm has a wide range of capability. The attorneys in it have BAR admissions in five states as well as The District of Colombia. In addition they have admissions the US Tax, US Federal Claims, and US Appeals Courts 9th and 10th Circuits.Attorney Rothman himself has BAR admission to US Supreme Court. It is not surprising that so many business entities trust this firm.
  • Kens
  • Submitted: 10/19/2016
There have been complaints by disgruntled individuals on the internet that Rothman “hands off” his cases to other attorneys in his firm. There is a reason for having a team of attorneys as opposed to just one. Some attorneys have more experience in certain types of law than others. Some attorneys have bar admissions for courts that others do not. Rothman does what good leaders do. He delegates to assure the best chance for clients to win their cases.
  • DonC
  • Submitted: 12/14/2016
Rothman's firm is well known for their entertainment industry background. Our company initially hired them for tax law representation. However when the need for us to settle a property dispute in southern California arose we found the firm just as capable and accomplished in property cases as they were in tax law.
  • TAS24
  • Submitted: 02/20/2017
Bankruptcy is not always about the people in debt. Creditors like our company require legal council when dealing with issues that arise from encountering bankruptcy filings. Recovering assets can be a complex issue. We rely on this firm to help us in this area.

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