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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 01/25/2016
  • Severity: 8

Abraham Guerrero Gomez

Abraham and his inheritance

Montreal, QC

This man preys on women by making them love him then claiming he wants to share a huge inherited fortune that he never claimed after his parents' passing. He asks you to marry him, quits his job and tells you to do the same. Then, he pretends a series of misfortunes (health, paperwork, bank issues, etc.)are slowing the process so he needs to borrow money to survive and to travel until the inheritance comes in.Just trust him. He needs you now and he will look after you when things are resolved. He will lie to anyone and make all kinds of promises but when money runs out and you start to wise up he moves on and tells the new girl you gave him gifts, that he paid you but you can't get over him and you supposedly took everything from him. He prefers to victimize women with health issues by promising them better healthcare and his undying support and love. He has Mexican and Canadian passports and has an American social insurance number. He owns virtually nothing and claims his psycho ex took everything as an explanation. He is also psychologically and physically abusive in his relationships. Major red flag: His family wants nothing to do with him. Born November 1980. Do not let his crocodile tears melt your resolve to stay away from this man.

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Abraham and his inheritance


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