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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 01/25/2016
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Abraham Guerrero Gomez

Abraham and his inheritance

Montreal, QC

This man preys on women by making them love him then claiming he wants to share a huge inherited fortune that he never claimed after his parents' passing. He asks you to marry him, quits his job and tells you to do the same. Then, he pretends a series of misfortunes (health, paperwork, bank issues, etc.)are slowing the process so he needs to borrow money to survive and to travel until the inheritance comes in.Just trust him. He needs you now and he will look after you when things are resolved. He will lie to anyone and make all kinds of promises but when money runs out and you start to wise up he moves on and tells the new girl you gave him gifts, that he paid you but you can't get over him and you supposedly took everything from him. He prefers to victimize women with health issues by promising them better healthcare and his undying support and love. He has Mexican and Canadian passports and has an American social insurance number. He owns virtually nothing and claims his psycho ex took everything as an explanation. He is also psychologically and physically abusive in his relationships. Major red flag: His family wants nothing to do with him. Born November 1980. Do not let his crocodile tears melt your resolve to stay away from this man.

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Abraham and his inheritance


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  • Yoga79
  • Submitted: 02/09/2018
This is a total lie.Everything that is said here is nothing but a lie.

This man has been a complete gentleman,honest and sincere throughiut our two year relationship. Currently I am back living in Beligum and I honestly have to say I miss this man.

Whomever wrote this does not Abraham like I do. He never lied, was transparent in our entire two years together and for something to say this garbage about Abraham is fabricating deceit, they took advantage of this man because he kind and straightforward to friends,family and others. Sure we had our differences but us women we get caught up in drama and jealously, and sure my relationship with him was not perfect, but we always worked it out somehow.He went above and beyond to make our relationahip work.

Abraham was there for me financially, emotionally and physically. We skiied and I had an accident that resulted in a broken ankle. I spent two weeks in the hospital and 6 weeks at home. In those two weeks that I stayed at the hospital he would bring food sleepover, and help me bath myself when I was too weak. I struggled financially in those few weeks and. He paid my rent groceries electricity bill, and he asked nothing in return.He never put a pricetag in our relatio ahip or asked me for any money whatsoever in fact he was always willing to give.

Up until this day I still miss him, I have to admit he does not compare to the men in Beligum. He was never possessive, jealous, or thirsting for capital gain. I even brought him to Brussels and he met my two brothers annd girlfriends thought he was prefect and amazing.

To all the men who have been targetted by these sites, just know that the women (mostly) on these sites have low self esteem/self worth and simply cannot move on and/ or have mental health iasues.They will spread lies to tarnish the name of anyone. Those who possess critical thinking skills and I reiterate that this is not Abraham.Whoever posted this has an agenda.

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