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Imran Khan,,Capricorn Inc,,

Corporation Build

New York, New York

I contacted Imran Khan to build me out a corporation and add Tradelines so that my business would be able to obtain funding up to $200,000. He took my money and all of my personal information and is using it God knows how! I sent him multiple emails and text messages as well as called him a number of times and he just sold me a bunch of bull! He sent me fake documents from the DnB saying that this was my corporation and it wasn't. I told him that I wasn't very wealthy and I have a new born and a family I have to take care of and he still didn't respond. Please do not give your money to them please! You will regret it! This man has my home address my SSN my DOB he has it all and it scares me but I'm a God fearing man so May God have mercy on him!

The info he is using is
-Imran Khan
-Capricorn Inc

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Corporation Build


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Also the phone numbers he use is (212) 531-1016 and (917) 588-8993
  • LIza
  • Submitted: 02/12/2016
Just saw your posting. He scam me as well. Did you report him to the police in NY.

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