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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 02/15/2016
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Donna Bolk Gulino

Would not refund Money paid for horse

Wellington, Florida

We bought a horse from a woman who went by Kris Jenings (aka Kristen Gulino) from Odyssey Farm in Royal Palm Beach Florida.Original price was $3500 but then she said the owner Donna Bolk ( aka Donna Gulino) wanted to keep the breeding rights. We payed an extra $1500 for the breeding rights. After we had the pony shipped to us in NY we noticed the pony had a slight head tilt. We called Kris and she said that the pony sometimes does it out of curiosity . We decided a week later to have the equine vet come out on 3 occasions , finding out that it looks like the pony had a old fracture that is showing thickening of the bone on one side of the head and that she is blind in one eye ! This pony will never be the Section A Division Pony that we purchased her to be. Needless to say the previous owner will not answer my call and will not refund my money.
After reading about Kristen & Donna, who knows if this was a stolen horse that was sold to me?!?If anyone has more information on them please contact me as this has become a legal matter .


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  • henry
  • Submitted: 02/22/2016
did you have a vet do a prepurchase exam? did you see the pony or buy it over the net? how do we know the pony didn't get hurt at your barn?!-Seller-refusing-to-release-horse-to-shipper!-UPDATE-Ransom-refused

You would do well to read this thread and login in to offer your experience. You will see you have hit the nail on the head, they are scammers!!!!!
Seriously, you need to pursue this claim. Check with local people, if this is a chestnut pony, it was supposedly injured in a trailer accident and had a permanent head tilt. There are pictures floating around of Kris and her 250lb ass riding it.

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