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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 02/18/2016
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73-48 195 Street, Fresh Meadows, Queens, NY 11366

Don't buy 73-48 195 Street, Fresh Meadows, Queens, NY 11366

Owners Benjamin and Galit Messinger told me they cleaned the asbestos but could not provide proof. They hosted open house after accepting my offer. They would not close the house unless I allow them to stay in the house after closing indefinitely at a price that can't even cover my mortgage costs. They then told me they can't come to a closing because someone else offered to pay them more than the price on our signed contract. Finally they would not return my earnest money for months and months even though their own lawyer told me they can't sell the house to me. I wasted money and time to buy a house from people who never intended to sell.


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Jiayi Jiang potential buyer, provided false and misleading information. What more amazed us is that she is a lawyer (as far as we are aware of)… When we purchased this house about 15 years ago we hired a company to remove the asbestos. Ms. Jiang wanted to purchase our house and requested us to show her a proof for the removal… For 3 hours we were looking for the receipt and could not find it. We informed Ms. Jiang that we couldn’t find the receipt from 15 years ago. Regardless that fact, Ms. Jiang agreed to purchase our house. If Ms. Jiang had any concern about an asbestos, she could simply hire an inspector…At some point we notified Ms. Jiang that our contractor on our new house, ran away with our money without completing the job. We requested Ms. Jiang to postpone the closing for about 2 months and she agreed. She requested us to pay her $300 per a day. We mentioned to her that the rent for a similar house in my area goes for about $2800 a month. We agreed to pay her about $150 a day but she became upset. We notified Ms. Jiang that we cannot come to the closing due to the fact that we cannot move out from the house on the day she requested. Ms. Jiang provides false information for the reason why we could not come to the closing. We have never told her that someone else offered a higher price for our house. We have never dealt with anyone else regarding our house after we had the contract with her. We have never kept her deposit. The deposit held in an escrow account with our lawyer. As a lawyer (if she is), Ms. Jiang should be aware that her money was deposited into an escrow account and we don’t have any control on that money. She dealt directly with my lawyer… Ms. Jiang unfortunately does not count on anyone. She used to call me to complain about her lawyer… she did not trust her lawyer… She changed 2 or 3 lawyers just regarding my house… and she is a lawyer… And of course we intended to sell the house to her. We don’t have an extra time to have open houses, meet prospects, buyers and lawyers. I consider the information that Ms. Jiang provided here as definition.

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