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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 02/25/2016
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Nicole Lehmann Chris Lehmann Famersville Il

Nicole Lehmann Chris Lehmann Famersville Il

Springfield, Illinois

This weekend I went to a friend's bachelor party at a small bar called Curves in Springfield. I know
Chris Lehmann and his boss. Another friend was there also and noticed his wife Nicole Lehmann there with a couple girls and a guy she was all over, kissing him and rubbing his crotch. She looked pretty drunk.

Chris is a hard working man and lives his kids but he dies worry about his wife Nicole's unfaithfulness and cheating. My friend for some pics of her at bar and are going to give to Chris
To view.

From Chris has told me us that her previous husband threw her out of the house and divorced her
Because of her cheating and lying and that she is a lesbian that hate men.

If anyone has had run in with this woman let her husband Chris Lehmann know


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