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Lemine investment group

Lemine Group/Thomas Liu/ jessica Wang/ Kyle Chan.

toronto, NT


Those people has scammed me and many other employees as the have eaten our salaries and commissions also if you do a simple due diligence on them through a solicitor you will discover that they have so many fraud cases against them and they have eaten bank loans with out giving money back Also any brokers deal with them they never give them what they agreed to.

Company team : 1-Thomas Liu. 2-Jessica Wang. 3-Kyle Chan.
Company address: 5000 Yonge St #1806, North York, ON M2N, Canada
Company website:


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I have to comment on this, because this so-called scam complaint is so obviously a scam, a fraud! Man, are you a disgruntled fired commission employee or outside broker? You’re so all over the place to make all sorts of crazy claims that, you don’t sound like someone who had any relationship with the company Lemine Investment Group or really dealt with it at all, but just someone spreads false rumors, maybe a jealous and incompetent competitor? Nobody believes what you say you are. But if you’re really an ex-employee of Lemine Investment Group, you really don't deserve to be paid for your lack of performance. Man, you say you worked for this Canadian company, then please don’t make your English so laughable before you can work or complain any imagined employer in Canada not to pay you. As an illiterate, you shouldn’t get any work!

BTW, what the hell is Toronto, NT? Please learn some basic thing about Toronto or Canada to make your complaint sound less fraudulent. If you even don't know which province Toronto is in, how can you have any idea about this Lemine Investment Group which is in Toronto?

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