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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 03/06/2016
  • Severity: 10

Ramsey Itan or Ramsey Itanry

Online Dating scams for money

Kuala Lumpor, Key West, Florida

This man knows how to get a woman to fall in love with him...Caution! He won't be happy unless has your last cent, your house, cash in your life insurance, every credit card advance, and then he will abandon you like you never existed to him. He will make promises of marriage, happily ever after, and they are all lies. Put him out of business for your own good. He is 100percent a phony, a liar and he will walk over your body like you are nothing in the end. Also known as Maxwell Yas, goes also by last name Jivin.

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Online Dating scams for money Online Dating scams for money


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  • Xenia
  • Submitted: 08/23/2016
This guy it's in Selangor, Malaysia he claims he is an engineer but he's a thief and scammer. Ladies don't believe a word he says to you he is a phony. He would be texting you constantly will text you songs will promise you so many things. He uses his charm personality to tell you things that women likes to hear they are all lies. He uses different pictures and emails address if you try to speak to him what you read about him he would get extremely mad and makes you vows that for you not to talk about it anymore he claims he had gotten his identity stolen which is a lie he tells you after a while of being texting you and tells you he is ready to come home then he would fabricated a story that he needs $6000.00 for pretax payments which it's all a lie. He always has a cold or a pink eye I know this and a lot more from him cause he has been texting me fro November of las year till yesterday that all he did what's to drive me crazy to lend him the money. He would promise you the moon will constantly tells you how much he loves you he portray to go to church which I truly doubt he's very evil to be saying he goes to church. He claims he adopted a child name Al from Uruguay he talks very little he just likes to listen to what you are saying. He calls you in all different hours sometimes in very weird hours. He saids he invested a lot of money in a project to build a Dam in Malaysia. He would tell you that he is an engineer who was working as a contract over in Malaysia. He uses different names and pictures and emails. He used to call me then stop everything was through text he never picks up the phone. He had a check sent to my house from a company based on Canada but let him fool you it's a fake check. Caution ladies be aware he is in almost every single dating websites except he doesn't pay for them he uses whatever promoting they have and try to get you out of any website using the excuse that he protects what is his. I can go on and on with all of his lies keep away from him he is a scammer you can also get him in Pigbusters with his emails he is verified as a scammer. Keep him out of your life that's my advice to all of the ladies that would come across a similar story like this Be BERY CAREFUL. He uses different pictures from other men that I'm sure the guy of the pictures he is using are not aware he would try to convince you he is for real but instead he is unreal. Keep alert he is extremely evil he doesn't love anymore he just wants to use you
  • Xenia
  • Submitted: 08/25/2016
Ladies be very careful with this guy Ramsey Itan he is desperate for money and he will use his charming personality DO NOT LISTEN TO HIM BLOCK HIM this guy it's extremely evil has an awful potty mouth he will stress you out for money he is a liar he says that he is an engineer but he is just a scammer. You can also look for him on Pigbuster under his email address he uses different names and email addresses. CAUTION KEEP HIM OUT OF BUSINESS don't feel sorry for him he doesn't care about you just wants to steal from you trust me
  • Xenia
  • Submitted: 08/25/2016
Don't go by the picture shown that might be one of the images he uses I have pictures of him and I don't even know if that's him. Either he uses innocent guys pictures but he for sure always changing his looks. BE CAREFUL

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