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  • Submitted: 03/07/2016
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Nicole Smith Famersville Il

Nicole Smith previously Lehmann

Springfield, Illinois

FUNNT FUNNY. Nicole Lehmann who is now Nicole Smith of Farmersville. We read the previous online complaints about her.We know the people that saw her at a Springfield dive bar called Curves a few Saturday nights ago. She was wasted and all over a guy and a girl in the beer gardens. She was pissed at people watching them go at it and starting flipping them off.

There's nothing wrong with that but she is married to a new guy named Chris who is being played and lied to by his wife Nicole. We just wanted to get the story straight, the sad thing is that she is known and doesn't consider the repercussions


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Y'all is Pathetic
I wanna party with this bitch but y'all can't even get her name right.
How old is y'all? 17? Silly AF

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