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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 03/17/2016
  • Severity: 10

Thomas Marino

Watch your bank acct, checks and credit cards

kansas city, Missouri

This person scammed by dear friend out of 10 grand in a years time. He gained her trust and played the bad childhood card. Gains trust by telling sob stories and about his poor upbringing. Steels checks and credit card numbers, charges over the inet and phone, Steels in every store he walks into. Plays a role as a chef but cant get a job other than a kitchen helper. When there was no more money to take, he ran like a b---- and when many of us tried to contact him, he started leaving death threats on answering machine. Now claims to be harassed because we are taking all paths to get this money back. Less than a man he is, not to mention drug addict. He has many mug shots out there and he is known by many, as he has stolen from men and women alike. If you see him, run like hell but make sure your wallot is in hand. If he friends you, watch your credit cards and check book. He has a serious mental issue and has no fear of threatening ones life. This sicko needs to be back behind bars,


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  • Travis
  • Submitted: 03/17/2016
i know this dude ! He no longer uses drugs but I seen similar thefts. He plays best buddy & turns on you in a flash like a crazed lunatic. He works as a waiter in a coffee house in kc and i seen him lure in people to feel sorry for him then BAM you find yourself losing bucks ! Lotsa people have bad childhoods and heartache stories but why prey on people that thy to help you dude? Disgusting.

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