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Michelle Eli


South Bend, Indiana

MICHELLE ELI - SOUTH BEND INDIANA - FBI REPORT AL BRICKMAN CORNERS CERTIFICATE - Labeled as Suicide - May 29, 1987 Root Funeral Home 312 E. 7th St. Michigan City Indiana 46360

RE: Self-Inflicted gunshot wound to oral cavity. Al Brickman 2810 Maple Street Michigan City Indiana 46360 - Mrs. Sara Brickman-Wife - May 29, 1987 - Hyman Brickman - Fathers Name RECORD OF INDIANA STATE BOARD OF HELATH CERTIFICATE OF DEATH - LYNN E. HAVERSTOCK, DEPUTY CORNER
418 Washington St. Michigan City Indiana 46360


RE: Self-Inflicted gunshot wound to oral cavity.

Concerning the forensic peculiarities of the fatal shot that killed your father, I came to the conclusion that in a suicide case the trigger of the fire arm would most likely be away or sideways from the victim's face, while in case of a murder the trigger would most likely be turned to the victim's face. I am sure this would cause a difference in the impact wound, but it is possible since a gun when fired, backfires and lifts the barrel upward relative to the shooters hand.

Michelle Eli $$$$ Eliezer Eli
25875 Longwood Court
South Bend Indiana 46628

574 234 - 9134 Home
574 -298-0165 Cell

Eli Properties Inc
1621 Hoover Avenue
South Bend, IN 46615 - View Map
Phone: (574) 234-9134

Eli Properties Inc
Michelle Eli

Siegel & Cory Gers
411 Washington Blvd # 2
Oak Park Illinois 60302


708- 386-0107

Levi & Leah Eli & Ari Eli
812- 391-0802

11473 Roxboro Court
San Diego, CA 92131

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Eliezer, Eli & Michelle
25875 Longwood Court
South Bend Indiana 46628

574 234 - 9134 Home
574 -298-0165 Cell

Michelle Eli's Social Security Number- 305586945
Michelle Eli's Driver License Number - 8925474178

There are three sides to every story, and then there is the side of truth.
This needs a Full Investigation. Because the Truth is the Truth.
“My client was recently advised that her daughter, Michelle Eli has been far less than truthful with my client and with friends and family. It has now come to my client’s attention that years back, during my client’s open heart surgery, Michelle Eli actually attempted to have my client committed to an institution by alleging that my client was unable to function mentally".

Sarah R. Brickman
Al Brickman committed suicide or so the label says: Michelle Eli, this is the fraud/violence you are covering up all your life. With hatred to whomever would listen to your vile voice.

Hebrew Orthodox Cemetery can you be buried there if you commit suicide?

The Answer:

Suicide and Burial in a Jewish Cemetery

Regarding burial, someone who committed suicide is not buried in a Jewish cemetery. But Torah authorities are often lenient in how they define who is a suicide. They will usually presume a death was simply a tragic accident unless there is irrefutable evidence that it was a suicide. All this depends on the assessment of the local Torah authorities.
All the Best,
Shlomo Shulman

Self-Inflicted gunshot wound to the oral cavity Michelle Eli.
I know the Truth.

There was no possible way the gunshot wound was
self-inflicted Michelle Eli.

Mistakes have been made before.
Not to smart are you Michelle Eli.
You did the cover up, you were there.
Guess who told me Michelle Eli?

From Volume 1 Digest 30
Eliyahu Teitz writes:
The only Jews excluded from Jewish burial are those who commit suicide.
I am afraid that many will misunderstand this statement and its real context. I suspect that Eliyahu Teitz is referring to the technically defined case of suicide mentioned in Yoreh Daya 345:2, that is clearly not the situation in the great majority of suicides. Even so, it seems to be the consensus of the poskim [halachic authorities] that even such a person (a suicide spoken about in halacha) is NOT excluded from a)burial nor b) burial in a Jewish cemetery. (S'dei Chemed Aveilus 5; Responsa of Tzitz Eliezer Vol. 10 Siman 41) It is important to note that as Eliyahu Teitz himself mentions...
Some cemeteries have sections reserved for those who were shomer Shabbat.
In fact,even a technically defined suicide would, at the worst, only be excluded from this section.
Yitzchok D. Frankel

How can Al Brickman be buried at:


Al Brickman is buried in Row 23 Section 2

Hebrew Orthodox Cemetery
4066 Cottage Avenue
Mishawaka, IN 46544
Mike Palmer, Aka Spike Palmer Michelle Eli, Eliezer Eli, Siegel Eli Gers, Cory Gers, Levi Eli, Leah Wolthausen Eli, Update Criminal Hacking of An Email Account. Account Recovered by the International Agencies.
Reported to International Agencies that reversed their Criminal Actions. We confront cruelty, bullies and we Shout Out about the Abuse you have committed to a Holocaust Survivor, Sarah R. Brickman and, with the assistance of Michelle Eli of South Bend Indiana. We will personally make a difference. You are not a Mystery your Mistaken History, and Your Fraud is Over.
Mike Palmer aka Spike Palmer broke into an email account and left his connected profile as a Dare, listed his name as Spike Palmer, aka Mike Palmer.
His image as a connected profile is included in this report. Mike Palmer aka Spike Palmer went to Michelle Eli and the two of them tried to unsuccessfully Rip-off our Book an unlawful criminal act. Most Notably The book that my Mother and I wrote for humanity.

My Mother, Sarah R. Brickman In her Last Will and Testament willed to me our book. Mike Palmer aka Spike Palmer she made it very clear who is the Author and who has the Legal Rights.
With his email as:
We have International Assistance on his Criminal Act. Spike Palmer aka Mike Palmer this is my mother and she wants nothing to do with you. Spike Palmer aka Mike Palmer, Martin Gray is our contact and wants nothing to do with you. The Corr’s want nothing to do with you. Your History is FRAUD. You have committed Internet crimes. You left threats you would steal the book and publish with Michelle Eli of South Bend Indiana. You are a Fraud, and Internet Stalker. Cease and Desist does not mean a thing to you. Justice is on the way.

This criminal enjoys pursuing us, and other individuals must be warned. Mike Palmer aka Spike Palmer savors his crimes, enjoys reliving his crimes, most of all these Criminal Acts give him a high. Mike Palmer aka Spike Palmer searches for famous people and pursues them for Money Fortune and Fame. Then if a person refuses his person he makes a false campaign to defame. Mike Palmer aka Spike Palmer pursues innocent people that become his victims. My Mother Sarah R. Brickman - who survived Auschwitz Birkenau, the Death March, and Bergen- Belsen, wants nothing to do with Mike Palmer aka Spike Palmer. We analyzed the computer and caught Mike Palmer aka Spike Palmer who is committing Criminal Acts.
Martin Gray is my contact he wants nothing to do with you. He knew my mother personally. Mike Palmer aka Spike Palmer. You appall him. Martin Gray had your FRAUD history analyzed and it was stated by a famous historian that your history was false.

Sarah R. Brickman has made this very clear Mike Palmer aka Spike Palmer along with our legal attorney,
Mark Becker

Sarah R. Brickman’s Last Will and Testament

Intellectual Property

No one, in this country or any other, has any claim to my book and intellectual property, as I am the sole owner. I therefore devise and bequeath my intellectual property (my memoirs, my Holocaust book and any related writings and stories) including, but not limited to, all rights, interests, copyrights, patents, profits and royalties incident thereto to my Daughter, SHARON CORR, due to her involvement and assistance rendered in the creation of said intellectual property.

Real Property

Bethany J. Beckman Legal Attorney
Attorney ID # 25269-46
Michigan City, IN 46360

BECKER & BECKER LAW OFFICES 2300 Hoffman Estates, Illinois 60169

July 30, 2010
VIA EMAIL TO: Mr. Mike Palmer Holmwood St. John Torpoint Cornwall PL113AW England
Dear Mr. Palmer:
Re: Sharon Corr
Please be advised I represent Sharon Corr. I have reviewed the alleged contract you have with my client and in conversations with Ms. Corr, we have determined you are in violation and default of the terms and conditions of this contract
We hereby declare you in breach of this contract and we hereby terminate this contract immediately. You must return any and all materials to my office on behalf of my client and you must cease and desist to act on her behalf or use any of the materials provided by her.
In the event there is further contact concerning this matter, my client has instructed me to aggressively pursue any and all legal actions against you. Ms. Corr has indicated that she does not want to be contacted by you for any reason whatsoever and we hereby request you do not contact Sara Druckier Brickman, Robert Corr, Rosalie Siegel or Martin Gray. If you have any questions concerning the content of this letter, please contact me.
Sincerely, Mark Becker Attorney at Law

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