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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 03/18/2016
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Jio Lucci Has No Daughters

Beverly Hills, California

Tiffany Lucci, Bianca Lucci, Madison Lucci, Paris Lucci are all scam artist. They were kicked out of 9 foster homes and the lies and manipulation. Their father never abused them, not ever. These girls are masterful to create lies to which people believe. Beverly Hills Police on record that these Lucci Girls area "nuisance to the community", they steal lie and cheat to get what they want. Now they have law suits against each girl and the Collins people. THIS IS A SCAM.


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  • Darla
  • Submitted: 05/05/2016
Jio Lucci you can not sue someone for telling the truth. The only lawsuit pending right now is the one against you for failing to pay court ordered child support to repay the foster system. You can try and hide out but eventually they will serve you and get you into court on criminal charges.
Go to the Quads Facebook page and you will see the foster parents, mentors, and teachers comments who all allege they were called at their homes, their work and threatened by Jio Lucci. If they refused to stay away from the girls, Jio posted bolgs about them calling them pedophiles, drug dealers, heroin addicts and even threatened to have them fired from their jobs. Jio even threatened his poor wife who is mentally insane to read a letter while he video taped her trashing several coaches and foster parents. His poor wife has been institutionalized numerous times since the girls were removed from his home 8 years ago. The last time she was badly beaten before entering the psych ward.
SECURITY: Web / Internet Security: 5567
Readers: b e advised that this is the "sick acts" of the Lucci Quadruplets that are being stored for EXHIBITS. Internet Security is compiling Exhibits for the DA in which Google , MSN, WHO Scammed and others all have been notified and on alert of these deceitful acts.

This POST in particular where it is a a direct obscene lie in which these girls and the their accomplices are trying everything out of the ordinary and going beyond the realm of their current argument to set a tone of vulgar, indecent lies about Jio Lucci.

Once these girls are prosecuted for their actions, they will endure the maximum fines, court time and have to answer to authorities. Readers must be aware that this post is a derogatory act to make up a vulgar lie. The more exhibits accumulated internet security will present to the authorities and now they have processed a direct way to know where the post are coming from.

THE IC3 have also been notified. in which posting of content in this manner could be a federal offense.

Bagde #4456 Parker/ Deputy Internet Station A0909
DARLA: know nobody

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