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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 03/25/2016
  • Severity: 10

Madison Lucci And Tiffany Lucci Attempt To Extort

Straight Outta Beverly Hills Scam

Beverly Hills, California

Straight Outta Beverly Hills is a scam and more people are starting to see it. Tiffany Lucci, Madison Lucci,Paris Lucci and Bianca Lucci (aka the Lucci Daughters or the Lucci Quadruplets) have attempted to fool the public, make their father look so bad, (like a monster) in order to extort money from him. Several blogs and post go up with their false video and the more true the post, these devious girls get their friends to constantly write deepened lied to make all matters very bad. The public should know, these matters happened 7 years ago and family court finalized it, closed the case. Now at the age of 20 years old these parasite girls are trying to make money on it. They are being also guided by Ruth Collins of Malibu who wants to make a mini movie to distort the truth and also attempt to make money. The Mother of the girls came out with a TRUE VIDEO, that tells the truth. Tiffany Lucci is a sleuth that can get anything she wants. Paris Lucci also can do the same. Madison Lucci the ring leader and Bianca Lucci makes everyone fell so sorry for her and her lying stories, that people get fooled.
They are 20 years old, reenacting everything they did when they were little and were sent to Foster Homes . As for the video Straight Outta Beverly Hills, its a perfect "fool job". The video starts out showing the worst areas in Los Angeles, trash, just real bad living conditions street wise. Its a LIE, these girls were in foster care in PALOS VERDES FORNIA and went to a top Palos Verdes School Peninsula High School. Palos Verdes is like Beverly Hills On The Beach. A fraud, a complete fraud.


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  • Kahn
  • Submitted: 04/06/2016
Everybody Jio Lucci is posting all these blogs because his daughters are becoming famous and the truth has come our about him.

After the girls were put in foster care when they were 11 years old, Jio Lucci tried to fool the public by stating in press releases that he was the proud father of 7 children and pretend the girls were still living with him. He did this to build his Quarter back training camp for kids. Even though he was on the Child Index and not supposed to work with kids he got away with it by filing numerous LLC's slightly changing his company name year after year. The girls have never tried to extort a penny from JIo and so far their charity has not excepted a penny these are lies to cover up his secret. Jio Lucci has posted blogs and made a disturbing video full of lies about the quadruplets, their foster parents, basketball coaches, and even a Beverly Hills Police Officer. His blogs include gay bashing, falsely accuse the quads supporters of being drug dealers and child molesters all in an attempt the quads from telling the truth about him. Go to their FACEBOOK fan page where you will find the truth.
This guy jio Lucci is insane just like his crazy wife who has been in and out of mental institutions. Your daughter was living in a group home when she went through open heart surgery not once but twice the pictures are on the their Facebook fan page. Where were you deadbeat when your kid almost died. Isn't the state trying to arrest you for failing to pay child support for your four kids who were in the system for eight years. That is the law loser not extortion and you jio Lucci belong in a cage. You are racist, homophobic and a pathological liar and should not be around kids. It's insane how you have been able to work the system stealing your kids social security threatening their foster parents and coaches and you work with kids. People this loser jio Lucci lives in Brentwood owns a football camp for kids called QB combine with a guy named David Flood.
SECURITY: Web / Internet Security: 5567
Readers: b e advised that this is the "sick acts" of the Lucci Quadruplets that are being stored for EXHIBITS. Internet Security is compiling Exhibits for the DA in which Google , MSN, WHO Scammed and others all have been notified and on alert of these deceitful acts.

This POST in particular where it is a a direct obscene lie in which these girls and the their accomplices are trying everything out of the ordinary and going beyond the realm of their current argument to set a tone of vulgar, indecent lies about Jio Lucci.

Once these girls are prosecuted for their actions, they will endure the maximum fines, court time and have to answer to authorities. Readers must be aware that this post is a derogatory act to make up a vulgar lie. The more exhibits accumulated internet security will present to the authorities and now they have processed a direct way to know where the post are coming from.

THE IC3 have also been notified. in which posting of content in this manner could be a federal offense.

Bagde #4456 Parker/ Deputy Internet Station A0909
Jio Lucci has posted hundreds of dishonest blogs about numerous individuals on this site. Many of these blogs are against his own daughters who were removed from Jio Lucci's care because of severe abuse by social services. Parents of children who signed up for his football coaching who filed lawsuits against Mr. Lucci have been forced to go through torturous harassment from Jio Lucci just because they sued him. Foster Parents and high school coaches of the quads have been threatened by Mr. Lucci and later he forced his wife to make a video and post it on YouTube calling them drug dealers or accusing them of being gay. His wife Madelena Lucci is not stable and has left several voicemails alleging her life was threatened by Mr. Lucci to make the video. These recordings have been turned over to law enforcement in Brentwood. If you have been threatened by email, telephone or in blogs immediately call the Brentwood police department.
The Lucci Quads have never accepted a penny from anyone. They have only tried to help other foster kids in spite of their father Jio Lucci harassing and threatening them every day of their life with horrible untruthful blogs.

Please sign their petition to stop the use of trash bags as luggage in the foster care system.
Jio Lucci is working in Vegas teaching kids how to play football. You can find him screaming at kids on the field at 1551 S Buffalo Dr. @ All American Sports Park every Friday night from 5:30 to 7:30. Someone should let them know about this guys past (702)463-5417 Office

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