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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 03/30/2016
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jeremy shane fogleman

drugs, stolen checks, stolen titles,stolen jewelry

fort walton beach, Florida, 32548

First i want to make it clear that jeremy fogleman is in Biloxi Mississippi. He is currently locked up for vehicular homicide. While running from police carrying methamphetamine,fake checks and bunch of other things he did not want to get caught with. This man and his family are the worst that came out of this great nation. He embarrassed us and the police . To the point that he just lied representing himself in court telling a fake story about him being the victim in a deadly police chace who killed inosent people. I want you to please read about him and how he manipulated the law , the internet,and so many people. Dont believe everything you read online. Please make sure before you judge someone, to see the hole.truth. . We all know that evil people in this world wind most of the time. But this time he went too far, please read all the things this man did to inosent people who lives were destroyed by what he posted might also be a victim of jeremy shane fogleman and his wife cathy, and his sons.
God bless

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drugs, stolen checks, stolen titles,stolen jewelry


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