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  • Submitted: 04/01/2016
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west palm beach, Florida

THIS IS One croupt operations and is facing criminal charges them self ,,,, this whole opertion has the dumbest street thugs working there .... more like a Boat Load of Mexicans ... the average person working in the place couldn't complete the alphabet ... abunch of Dumb Fucs like most government employees .. if the staff are not Mexican the are Black ...its all about affirmative action and as I said run buy a street gang .. I took the time to meet with the director of operations whom had to be one of most belligerent people I have Ever meet ... she bragged about how they violate people on probation for fun.

I was so taken back from the operation and the 5 grade level operation makes it hard for me to under stand how Palm Beach County would hire such " Street Thugs " but you know the corruption in Palm Beach County from Rick Bradshaw to the Court Systems and even the the Sates Attorneys Office

the director stated that it would cost too much to bring in a company with real Educated staff and believe me when I tell you the director of the west palm beach Pride is so stupid, I dont thing she could get a job at Walmat . this a woman whom gets her jollies off by encouraging her officers by violating innocent people attempting to just follow the state request .

Pride is No stranger to trouble has they Just lost a Big part of there contract for Lying and falsifying records and extorting money from pobe's they call them , some other officers call the people the bitches and a host of other names I cant replete . the owner is a real sumbag and the operations covers several states and they do so by paying off local government .

One of the staff said she had to keep records in her car to avoid supeonia on document s served on their offices , like a gangsters operation run by Palm Beach County it self. think of it this way ... if you are palm Beach County and you want a fall company then you hire a bunch of Stupid Fucs like Pride Inc . when they get caught or busted for Palm Beach County mandates then palm beach county commissioners ..well just fire them and throw them under the bus ... like bill clinton did and then pardoned the person that went to jail for him while in the white house.
I spoke with dozen of people on probation at Pride and most were afraid to take and many wanted to expose them. Palm beach County probation and Pride Inc are two gangster in bed together along with One Very Very Croupt commission like most of south florida that now boast 5 judge convicted for DUI and refused the breath testing. All of those judge had closed proceedings .. how about that top by that Moron Judge Essiey whom gave a sweet deal to the Broward Judge for her DUI, Judge mark Essiey was ...How fast can you say Quickly .. transferred out of the main court house to the lower south court house and Just another shamefull judge backing another ..mark Essieys family hales from North Palm Beach where you can see the family name on the college campus wing ...Oh if he him self had gotten a better law degree .. Judge Mark Eissey and Big Daddys Bar regular as I am told he has the Big Daddys Glass right up on the bench as he wheels out fines for DUI and other crime .

His Staff states he a is a regular st the Big Daddy's on Southern Blvd for lunch ... you know to take the edge off of ruling over all those DUI cases . the system is Broken and this country is heading for trouble due to corruption with government .

This is my advise .. take your family and move Out of a big cities to a home in the county as the nation is going to erupt in the peoples taking back of this country , stock up with what you will need to protect your families ...dont be stupid ,, dont delay as the country and wide open and underpopulated places are the place to be today .. Iive in the country on a large piece of land that I know the family will not have to deal with the coming mobs in the streets


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