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  • Submitted: 04/01/2016
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Beverly Hills, California

Tiffany Lucci, Paris Lucci, Bianca Lucci and Madison Lucci now at the age of 20 years old have a charity. They use lies and manipulation to collect money and just last week March 23, the quadruplets tried to extort money from the father telling him 25k or else.

It is a travesty, so malicious and revenge (with no merit), This family matter was closed and done 7 years ago in Family Court where it was determined FAMILY DISPUTES, PER THE COURT . (definition: Family arguments). Now these quadruplets/girls post derogatory blogs on their father and mother in which the court kept the girls in the Foster System for so long due to bad behavior, lies, manipulation. The viewers on the internet think this all happened now. (They are wrong). Straight Outta Beverly Hills ll is the truth. It was detailed specifically to tell the truth.


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Dear Jio Lucci,
The Quadruplets are 19 years old not 20. If you cared one bit you would know when your daughters were born. The matter was not closed after your 11 year old daughter was sexually abused, that’s just when the quadruplets were removed from your abusive home by the State after they found both you and your wife unfit to parent these girls.
You and your wives sick video blaming your own 11 year old daughter for being sexually abused and protecting the abuser is unimaginable to anyone watching but shows your real character. Thank god a court of law didn’t listen to the two of you and sent the perpetrator off to jail for six years. You sit behind a computer screen in the wee hours of the morning posting blog after blog after blog calling your own daughters heroin addicts, lesbians, drug dealers, and even accuse them of extorting money from you and the public all under numerous identities but never your own. You are a cyber-bully Jio Lucci and now you are going insane because you can no longer run from the truth and bully people into silence. Your little secret is out.
After your daughters went into foster care you put yourself out there as a devoted dad to seven children to build your business “Working with kids”. Everyone look at the Beverly Hills Courier Dec 3, 2010 issue where you Jio, claim you are the devoted dad to 7 children, oh really weren’t four of them in foster care. Your dirty little secret was safe as long as the quadruplets were split up and bounced around in homes just looking for a paycheck. This way you could continue to work with underage kids & pretend the girls were still living with you but then they started to meet mentors, educators and some foster parents that really cared about them that lived in nice communities where they could thrive and that’s when your secret was no longer safe. So what did you do to prevent your little secret from coming out you started to harass any positive people in their life, falsely accusing them of molestation, dealing drugs, prostitution you name it. You called their homes their place of employment anything to get them to give up the quadruplets. Anything good in these girls life you have tried to destroy just look at your video with comments from faceless accounts all set up by you and your hateful blogs all set up by you as well. Nobody is interested in your gay bashing, assuming only promiscuous children get raped video and it is a disgrace to gay people and any sexual assault victim to have this piece of trash on the internet….. and you work with kids.

In the meantime everyone follow the quadruplets on FaceBook where you can see all their achievements and thousands of posts from real people, which include their foster parents, coaches, friends, mentors and supporters. Their charity is not even set up yet and they have not accepted any donations from anyone just try going to their website and make a donation. These girls are going to college, working, playing sports, and starting a non-profit to put duffel bags in foster kids hands so they don’t have to use trash bags in May. No extortion just some Foster kids trying to make a difference.
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SECURITY: Web / Internet Security: 5567
Readers: b e advised that this is the "sick acts" of the Lucci Quadruplets that are being stored for EXHIBITS. Internet Security is compiling Exhibits for the DA in which Google , MSN, WHO Scammed and others all have been notified and on alert of these deceitful acts.

This POST in particular where it is a a direct obscene lie in which these girls and the their accomplices are trying everything out of the ordinary and going beyond the realm of their current argument to set a tone of vulgar, indecent lies about Jio Lucci.

Once these girls are prosecuted for their actions, they will endure the maximum fines, court time and have to answer to authorities. Readers must be aware that this post is a derogatory act to make up a vulgar lie. The more exhibits accumulated internet security will present to the authorities and now they have processed a direct way to know where the post are coming from.

THE IC3 have also been notified. in which posting of content in this manner could be a federal offense.

Bagde #4456 Parker/ Deputy Internet Station A0909
The Lucci Quads are asking all their supporters around the world to please sign their petition to end the use of trash bags as luggage in the foster care system.
Known child abuser Jio Lucci and runner to avoid repaying the state of california foster care system the money he owes for supporting his 4 daughters is now working in Vegas teaching kids how to play football. You can find him screaming at kids on the field at 1551 S Buffalo Dr. @ All American Sports Park every Friday night from 5:30 to 7:30. Someone should let them know about this guys past, Call (702)463-5417 Office to report this child abuser.

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