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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 04/07/2016
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Angelo Alves

Angelo Alves RIPS YOU OFF

Hamilton, ON

Angelo Alves is in the construction trade, DO NOT GIVE THIS GUY MONEY. He will rip you off as soon as you give him money I know from experience. After digging deeper into this guy we found out he owes everyone money including his family who wont even talk to him. He has a bad drug problem and a violent temper, which is why he doesn't last long in relationships, he ends up putting his hands on them with his temper! Watch out for this guy, he is Portuguese and has a scar under his eye and he is a real talker, all of it is fake and a lie! He will take advantage of whoever he wants but his favorite is younger women, control them and take there money and leave them with bad credit. BEWARE OF THIS SCAMMER

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Angelo Alves RIPS YOU OFF Angelo Alves RIPS YOU OFF


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