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Cornelio D. Lozada, Jr.

Cornelio D. Lozada, Jr.

Salem, Massachusetts

This person, Cornelio D. Lozada, Jr. of Colorado Springs, CO, Malden, MA, Dorchester, MA is a PEDOPHILE. He uses the name Uncle Jon Jon. He was found guilty of molesting boys in Colorado Springs, Co before moving to Salem, MA where he is now a group leader for a boys youth group. He also tries to steal peoples public housing by moving in with them (gay men).

He claims to be a domestic violence victim. Uses the legal system but always GETS CAUGHT. He is a very mentally disturbed person who uses his family to give him money and do what he can do to play victim.....617-290-4955.

Child molester
Douche bag


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Cornelius has no criminal background. He has never touched anyone. He is a married man to a woman

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