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Raviv Fokshner

Raviv Fokshner - Skylyr Services

Valley Stream, New York

I hired Raviv Fokshner to make some renovations to my house. His business card says that he is licensed but my research on the web says the opposite. Unfortunately, I got this information after he ran away from the job twice. I paid him about 90% of the money but in my opinion he completed about 60% of the job. Our contract says that the job has to be done in two months. Raviv Fokshner did not complete the job even after three and half months. Not to mention that even some of the 60% that he completed was incorrectly done. Please, don't make the mistake that I made. Google Raviv Fokshner and SKYLYR Service first. The web has great tools. If I would follow the information that another customer wrote on this web site, I would be in a better shape today. Don't do any business with Raviv Fokshner and his company SKYLYR Services. In addition, Raviv Fokshner and/or his workers dumped illegal garbage on my property, without my permission. Raviv Fokshner ran away from the job and left me all the garbage.

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Raviv Fokshner - Skylyr Services


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