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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 04/26/2016
  • Severity: 1

James Nurden

fake airbnb link/ rental

muscat, qurum

I saw an apartment for rent online. After enquiring, the 'owner' contacted me and stated that he had been an expat and bought the property before leaving the country. Even sent me a copy of his 'passport' page. After several emails, he states he cannot come to the country and that I must use airbnb to pay for first months rent and security deposit . So I go to airbnb, spend like 45 minutes searching for the listing and it is not there. So I ask him to send the direct link, after a few more emails he finally does.... It is a fake airbnb site. At this point I stop responding. He then has the nerves to threaten me... can you imagine?! The email he used was


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  • sophie
  • Submitted: 05/03/2016
It happened the same to me. I just got to the e-mail where he said his flat is listed on airbnb but he didn't provide any link... He said he would only come to London if we pay the first month through airbnb. I came upon the exact same scam, SEVERAL times in Amsterdam. I immediately thought it was fake, so I google his name and got here. The same name, he also sent us his passport and he used the same e-mail address.
This is very useful. These people really need to be stopped.

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