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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 04/30/2016
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italy, online

f I could give zero stars I would!!! This is my experience and opinion of this company: I believe they tried to swindle me out of thousands of dollars so I am telling everyone my story and want to warn everyone of this company! They did not respond to emails most of the time, or not at all. There is no phone number listed on their website so all I could do is email. I purchased a high end designer jacket from them and it arrived damaged. On their website it states they accept returns so I had no reason to think there would be any problem at all. I contacted them via email stating there was damage on my purchase and need to return it immediately. After several days of no response I got very worried so I contacted my bank. I could not find any phone number for Italist Fashion so all I could do is email over and over again. I did find out they had a Facebook so I reached out to them on Facebook too. The day I opened up a case with my bank for fraud, I received an email later in the day from Italist. Im sure they had received notification from my bank because they said to return the item and I would get a refund minus my shipping and duties. I emailed them back and said that was not okay because they sent me damaged goods and I am entitled to a FULL refund. I sent them photos of the damage and shipped the item back. Weeks later they emailed me and said that the jacket was received but the merchant said it wasn't shipped in this condition so no refund!! Oh and did I want them to ship back the jacket!! Are you KIDDING ME?????? I have never ever seen this in my life. Weeks had gone by, almost a month with this looser company, barley any contact from them, no jacket and I was out Thousands of dollars, Thousands!! THIS IS NOT OKAY!!!! They were playing games with me and keeping my money. I sent them a very upset email and a week later received a email from them again after I called my bank saying that now they were refunding me minus the duties and shipping which was around $500-600 dollars. They never refunded me 500-600$$$. I think this company should be shut down, this is FRAUD in my opinion and the worst hustle I have ever seen!! BEWARE!!!! I never imagined this would happen to me! HORRIBLE!!! So far Im out hundreds of dollars, a huge headache, NOT WORTH IT!!!!!!


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