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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 05/02/2016
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Madison and Tiffany Lucci Attempt To Extort Father

Beverly Hills, California

The Lucci Quadrupletes have been going on radio stations and making false videos of their troubles with foster care. They posted on video, poverty, trash and an unjust way to live. Its all a lie to get money to their charity. They attempted to extort money from their father in a meeting 1 month ago in which is on 2 videos and a witness. The father meant for the meeting to "mend".
These girls were kicked out of 9 foster homes in which many of the foster moms are coming forth to reveal the real truth about them. These girls lived in a lavish ranch in Palos Verdes Estates and went to the best school Penninsula High. They constantly lie and manipulate , in which there are (4) of them so, they team up with the same stories. They were listed as a "NUISANCE TO THE COMMUNITY" by BHPD and manipulated many boys. They to are coming forth .
One "black Widow" is enough, but 4. Watch out , they lie and cheat. Watch the MOTHERS TRUTH VIDEO: Straight Outta Beverly Hills 11. Its detailed and the full truth.

These girls Tiffany Lucci, Paris Lucci, Madison Lucci, Bianca Lucci are very smart on what they can get.


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Jio Lucci is so crazy and the above post proves it. The Beverly Hills Police Department listed an 11 year old rape victim as a NUISANCE TO THE COMMUNITY. “Really” yea we believe that Jio. It’s frightening that even though this guy is listed on the Child Abuse Index as a child abuser he has fraudulently worked with children ever since the State found him guilty of abusing his four daughters and put them in foster care. Just view the link below:
You can see at the bottom of the page this child abuser charges $500.00 an hour or 2,500 for 10 classes to work with your kids. NO Refunds with his phone number and email listed. One might ask if this guy makes this kind of money why hasn’t the state been able to collect over a hundred thousand dollars in child support he was court ordered to repay the state for the 8 years his 4 daughters were in foster care. Maybe cause he hides income by forming numerous LLC’s in different company names and even selling his kids training camp QB Combine Plus to producer Eric Tennenbaum and David Flood a medical device executive who have in turn paid Jio Lucci consulting fees which are pretty much impossible to garnish. THIS IS IN NO WAY EXTORTION. This folks in the state of California is the law. Abuse your kids they get put in foster care you have to pay the state to feed them.
It is also believed to hide income from repaying the State Jio Lucci has failed to pay State, Federal or employee taxes for years. In regards to the foster parents Jio Lucci refers to above many of those foster parents were honored on the Radio Interview the Quads gave as well as their Facebook fan page. Those same foster parents claim they were accused in a raunchy video distributed by Jio of being drug dealers, child molesters and even being gay. They also claim to have been harassed at their homes and place of employment for years by Jio and his harassment is well documented in the quads case file. The foster parents, mentors and Lucci Quadruplet supporters aren’t going anywhere and will continue to stand by these innocent young girls, we are not afraid of Jio Lucci's threats. In the meantime we ask all their supporters if you see this monster working with kids call the authorities. It is just a matter of time before this child abuser, bully, and winner of the worst father of the decade is thrown in the slammer.
  • Darla
  • Submitted: 05/05/2016
Does Jio Lucci have money to extort? If he does why doesn't he pay the tax payers back for feeding his 4 kids for the last 8 years. If you have any knowledge Jio has a job, bank account or any income coming in please notify the
California Department of Child Support Services
PO Box 419064
Rancho Cordova, CA 95741
(916) 464-5050 Phone
(916) 464-5065 Fax
Beverly Hills, California
This is an actual post of how these girls work. Ruth Collins of Malibu and Jade Collins -Parnell are also those who are trying to recruit and brainwash to show a negative side of their father. Its Madison Lucci,Paris Lucci, Bianca Lucci and Tiffany Lucci who are trying all avenues to commit this extortion attempt , posting a video thats all lies and Ruth Collins trying to put it on TV.

Now Real People close to them are backing out of this kind of crime and coming forth with apologies to the father Jio Lucci.

REAL POST:Ali Allison51 minutes ago
I was Bianca Luuci's best friend for 5 years. She brain washed me into thinking that everything was her dads fault. I had a very long conversation with her father about everything that has happened and I am finally seeing both sides. I think everyone who has seen this video consider that there are two sides to every story.
They had clothes and food. Their lunch bags were full of yummy food for them to eat.
I urge everyone to consider both sides.

This will now forward to internet security : and urge everyone with a negative opinion on Mr Lucci to re-evaluate their thoughts. He has done nothing wrong.
The Lucci Quads have never been paid a dime for any of their charity work.

They have only asked all their supporters to sign their petition to end the use of trash bags as luggage in the foster care system.

Wheres the scam Jio Lucci

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