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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 05/17/2016
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Chiradeep BasuMallick

Chiradeep BasuMallick - Street Writer

New York, New York

Chiradeep BasuMallick wrote an article trying to portray ENDP Endo Pharmaceuticals as likely to become a penny stock. This guy never went to a US college and lives in India.

What kind of scam is theStreet into now????

It's clear what his intentions are and he 1) holds a short position in this company and/or 2) knows people who have a short position and/or 3) is attempting to hold down the price of the company while someone accumulates. This writer has no background or formal training in investments and his advice is posted as if it comes from a professional financial analyst.

Avoid scam articles like this and avoid people from India who write about American companies and have no knowledge or understanding of American businesses.

Shame on for hiring a cheap writer overseas to do the dirty work of some of these hedgefunds.


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