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  • Submitted: 05/22/2016
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Beverly Hills, California

Sunday May 22 2016, after detailed investigation it is now confirmed that Madison Lucci, Tiffany Lucci and Paris Lucci did attempt extortion against their father. In (2) two videos at a restaurant in Santa Monica it details the Lucci Quadrupletes saying , "25 thousand Or Else", then one asking for 100 dollars and the other for gas money. The father responds "Or Else, what, what are you saying", the response from his daughter, "or we get you in major trouble and ruin you". This is also documented by (2) witnesses at the restaurant. The father then got up and told his daughters that they were fools and liars as they had always been and that lies will never hurt.
The Lucci quadrupletes Madison Lucci, Tiffany Lucci, Paris Lucci and Bianca Lucci have always been liars and manipulation was always a key factor in their growing up. They lied on a video in which the Mother tells the real truth on Straight Outta Beverly Hills ll . BHPD found and documented these girls as a "Nuisance to the community".


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After researching this case, I'm going to have to say I agree with the mother and father of these spoiled daughters of yours. They are truly sickening, just like the Jewish creep that helped them with their disgusting "documentary". I just want to let the parents of those sickening brats know, there are people like me out there that don't fall for their transparent lies. Good luck you guys, and I'm sorry your own daughters are so disgusting that they're willing to lie about you guys because some nasty Jewish skank wants to make a quick dollar by using lies about you two.

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