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  • Submitted: 06/07/2016
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Paris Lucci, Bianca Lucci And Ruth Collins

Extortion Of Father Jio Lucci

Beverly Hills, California

Ruth Collins and Jade Collins -Parnell have put together a perfect scam in using four quadruplet girls, Madison, Tiffany, Paris and Bianca Lucci in promising them a TV Movie in which all the stories are lies and to cheat the public. These girls under the direction of Ruth Collins have attempted extortion against the father in which a video tape of their actions plus two witnesses have come forth. One of the girls, Bianca Lucci has revealed to her mother that Ruth Collins "fondled" her when she stayed over the house and also said that Jade Collins-Parnell was having a lesbian affair with Madison Lucci. ( (type in Madison Lucci). These low class people that are money hungry scavengers have a whole lot to deal with in the future. Already set to dispute all allegations, are foster moms, boys that the girls took advantage of, parents from their school, BHPD detectives, camp administrators, teachers all have "supeonas" ready to show and tell the truth about these scandalous manipulative quadruplets, being directed by Ruth Collins. SEE RUTH COLLINS in, also a known lady of the night in which she ran a prostitute ring and a scammer in a real estate deals. View on You Tube, Straight Outta Beverly Hills ll, the mother tells the entire truth in detail. The father , his lawyers and lawmakers are just waiting for this so called movie or video in which all the people involved will be shoved into court to show cause and will sued for maximum damages. The lawyers are in place ready to act. These people have been posting blogs that are all lies, videos that was made by lesbian lovers all to attack their father. Nine foster moms threw these girls out. They were brought up in Rancho Palos Verdes and went to a great school, all lies on their video. These Lucci girls are sick individuals that would do anything for a dollar and Ruth Collins a "shark", actually a great white shark (she always had a complex about her over weight) is trying and will capitalize on this story. There is no story, just ask the mother who witnessed 4 girls as the most destructive, uncanny to manipulate, able to do ugly things, steal and lie and yes a nuisance to the community. (Documented by BHPD).


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