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  • Submitted: 06/08/2016
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Paris Lucci,Madison Lucci, Bianca Lucci and Tiffany Lucci Guilty Of Being Liars and Posting False Blogs

Father Jio Lucci Not A National Abuser

Beverly Hills, California

Jio Lucci is not a national abuser as said by the Lucci Quadruplets. Madison Lucci,Tiffany Lucci,Binaca Lucci and Paris Lucci are all going to be served with slander allegations with the intent to harm and each one of them will have to show cause in court. Over 100 exhibits have been compiled by the father to prove these girls and all persons involved with them are committing unwarranted and sick acts on the internet to "harm". They will have to hire attorneys, pay all legal fees if they do not come out and apologize and state the truth. This case was 7 years ago with the findings, domestic family disputes (major arguments), but the girls lied and did a very bad thing to their father. The mother in a legal document presented to the court that everything the girls said was a lie. They are known liars and over 20 people are going to come forth in support of Mr Lucci.


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SECURITY: Web / Internet Security: 5567
Readers: b e advised that this is the "sick acts" of the Lucci Quadruplets that are being stored for EXHIBITS. Internet Security is compiling Exhibits for the DA in which Google , MSN, WHO Scammed and others all have been notified and on alert of these deceitful acts.

This POST in particular where it is a a direct obscene lie in which these girls and the their accomplices are trying everything out of the ordinary and going beyond the realm of their current argument to set a tone of vulgar, indecent lies about Jio Lucci.

Once these girls are prosecuted for their actions, they will endure the maximum fines, court time and have to answer to authorities. Readers must be aware that this post is a derogatory act to make up a vulgar lie. The more exhibits accumulated internet security will present to the authorities and now they have processed a direct way to know where the post are coming from.

THE IC3 have also been notified. in which posting of content in this manner could be a federal offense.

Bagde #4456 Parker/ Deputy Internet Station A0909
Your going to sue for slander. You have falsely accused your daughters, their friends, foster parents, mentors, coaches a film maker and others who have helped your four daughters of being drug addicts, selling drugs, child molesters and even being gay. Look at your blogs and your tasteless video. The LGBT is working on a case against you and their supporters compare you Jio Lucci to the Pulse nightclub terrorist. Look at all the similarities. You hate gays and use it as a tool on the internet to bash people. You are not Italian as you say. You are middle eastern and your real name is AMIR SHAPOUR KHAN and you hate and abuse women.
Lawsuit? Bring it on so we can alert child services where to locate you so perhaps they can collect the 8 years of back child support you were court ordered to repay the foster system.

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