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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 06/08/2016
  • Severity: 10

Madison Lucci,Paris Lucci,Bianca Lucci And Tiffany Lucci Extortion On The Internet

Lucci Quadruplets Resorting To Lies And Vulgar Blogs

Beverly Hills, California

Internet security is investigating the Lucci Quadruplets for the lies and vulgar blogs they are posting on this site. They are resorting to very serious accusations and will be prosecuted. They have people doing their dirty work and they to, will be prosecuted.
If you read their blogs, it clearly shows a low class, dirty way to portray a person they dislike. They use "immature" statements that clearly the public are smart enough to know, its all lies.
Do to the extortion attempt they had made against their father, they are now "reaching for straws" to again cheat and lie to the public. But these kind of tactics , now will get them in real criminal charges. These girls will be served and will have to explain themselves in court , hire attorneys to defend them and they will lose. There is to much evidence against them and whomever is "coaching" them, aiding them are directing them right to jail time and loss of major money to defend.
22309 Badge No.
They will be caught.........
Note: Their colleges will be alerted and informed of this matter


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Jio Lucci the video Straight Outta Beverly Hills will never be taken down no matter how many lies you post online. Everyone laughs at your threats to sue because no attorney would ever take your case and no one has ever tried to extort money from you. It appears you make these accusations against everyone including several landlords who have sued you for non payment of rent. Folks look at the same type of posts Jio Lucci posted about previous landlords all over the internet alleging extortion.

Foster parents, mentors, teachers and coaches have all rallied to the quads defense and even posted on their facebook wall that over the last eight years they have been bullied by Jio Lucci. He has called theirs jobs harassed them at home and falsely accused all these people who have helped the girls of being drug dealers, child molesters, and even being gay. A Beverly Hills teacher reported him for abusing the girls 9 years ago (he has harassed her ever since). The guy lost custody of his kids after not only social services but a court of law found that him unfit. So who's the liar here. His gay bashing all over the internet has backfired and has led to over 800 people disliking his tasteless video he forced his mentally unstable wife to star in.
Over a quarter of a million people have been inspired by the Quads video. The video was made to encourage foster kids to stay in school and honor the people that changed their life. In spite of Jio's threats, his blogs, his threatening phone calls and texts the video has accomplished what it was meant to do.The quads have never received any donations or been paid for any of their appearances to support foster care awareness. They do it because they want to change laws, acknowledge the people who have helped them and help put laws in place to protect foster parents against toxic parents like Jio Lucci.

Threatening to call their colleges just shows how unstable this psychopath is.

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