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  • Submitted: 06/14/2016
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Derya uslem(

lawyer Derya uslem(

Sweden, floby

lawyer Ozlem Kurt Karayurek

I was contacted about a property in Istanbul, a kind of apartment Hotel with several houses, addressed to : Mimar Kemalettin Mh, Dibleki Cani, Sk No: 54, Istanbul.
The previous owner was a norwegian; Mr Gunnar urd Evensen, borned 05.08.1948.
He died in 2010 in cancer in Istanbul and is burried in Istanbul.
His wife, a younger american woman, Jane Anja Urd born 23.04. 1973, had a problem to get the property released for sales, cause her late husband had not paid the necessary taxes the last 2-3 years before he died.
i was told to send money to helping her with money related to costs for all the negotiations with the turkey officials related to get the property released for sales to the Venture Giants India to the amount of 3,1 mill Euro.
I have used very much money to help miss Anja (she use the name Anja Urd) and the property is now sold to the Indian company.T
The money is 3,1 mill Euro.
I was told Miss Anja i dead and lawyer Derya uslem( took over 150,000 Euro claiming it goes to the department of finance, a woman with the name Barrister Ece Ildir (esq); email:
Miss Anja`s email is :


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