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  • Submitted: 06/16/2016
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Beverly Hills, California

SCAM: Straight Outta Beverly Hills Video
Extortion Plot
The Public Is Being Tricked
Extortion by the Lucci Quadruplets and all those involved in their internet scams, internet videos and all other slander with the intent to harm are being investigated. These people posted photos of Jio Lucci in which under federal laws and California Civil Laws considered a crime. The crime, is they are posting lies, false blogs and fraud with photos attached. This is the result of Madison Lucci, Paris Lucci, Tiffany Lucci and Bianca Lucci all attempted 3 months ago to extort their father out of $25,000.00. It is on video and witnesses, shows two of the girls saying "$25,000.00 or else".

These False and disgusting blogs to "hurt" and defame the father are a result of the father walking out of the conversation. Their mother now is gathering all exhibits and evidence from nannies, care takers, foster parents, old lawyers of their that walked out on them to bring major charges against them and to show cause in court. They will each have to hire attorneys to represent them that will be costly, plus all the damages they will have to pay. The police have been informed of the extortion attempt with witnesses that came forth. If these tactics are the girls alone or anyone that is guiding them in using such tactics will be sued for the maximum damages. Google has been notified that photos have been released with false blogs, in which they said the "writers: have 21 days to take off the photos and names.

These Lucci Quadruplets are "Scam Artist". They are trying to make a "mountain" of a matter that happened over 8 years ago and was settled in family court. Now they are trying to extort their father.


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Jio Lucci the video Straight Outta Beverly Hills will never be taken down no matter how many lies you post online. Everyone laughs at your threats to sue because no attorney would ever take your case. Numerous foster parents, mentors, teachers and coaches have all rallied to the quads defense and even posted on their facebook wall that over the last eight years they have been bullied by you. You have called theirs jobs harassed them at home and falsely accused all these people who have helped the girls of being drug dealers, child molesters, and even being gay. A Beverly Hills teacher reported you for abusing the girls 9 years ago (you have harassed her ever since). You lost custody of your kids after social services and a court of law found that you unfit. Your own wife filed a police report against you for spousal abuse as well as abusing the girls.Multiple people since have accused you of harassment, filed police reports and complained to Social Services and its well documented.11 year old little girls don't end up in foster care for 8 years simply for no reason and everyone knows it including the 800 people who disliked your tasteless video.Over a quarter of a million people have been inspired by the Quads video.Their facebook fan page has thousands of followers.The quads have never received any donations or been paid for any of their appearances to support foster care awareness. They do it because they want to change laws, acknowledge the people who have helped them and help protect foster parents against toxic parents like Jio Lucci.
The State of California found Jio Lucci guilty of severe child abuse and removed his 4 daughters from his care and put them in foster care. Thischild abuser is now working in Las Vegas teaching kids how to play football. You can find him screaming at kids on the field at 1551 S Buffalo Dr. @ All American Sports Park every Friday night from 5:30 to 7:30. Someone should let them know about this guys past (702)463-5417 Office´╗┐ before he hurts another child.

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