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  • Submitted: 06/22/2016
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Miguel Ferreira Conde

Cheap Flats to Rent LONDON

Portugal/UK, LCN

One of many scams of this type. Please be weary guys; if it sounds too good to be true-it REALLY IS. A lot of stuff doesn't make sense in the email:

1) Cheap Rent
2) Utilities included (with internet) indefinitely
3) He is coming over from Portugal to show me the flat?

Please be skeptical and challenge anyone that demands payment without first showing the flat and also producing a tenancy agreement! Never part with money without a receipt. If you do pay, use a credit card to offer you some security. Research the property at hand throughly to check for other similar ads online.



I am the owner of the apartment located at **************

The property is available for rent at £800 per month including all utilities (Electricity/Telephone/Cable/
Internet/Water) for as long as you need. The rent is for the entire apartment. The apartment is in a very good condition, very clean and completely livable. I know that the asking rent is lesser then the average price requested in that area but not using a letting agent and not paying fees and commissions allows me to ask a lower rental price than others. The kitchen is completely furnished and everything is included in the rental price. In the house you will find ADSL internet and Wi-Fi access.

The apartment was bought by me in 2011, I lived there until 2013 when my job contract was over and I returned home to Portugal.

Also the house is near the public transportation, a gym, and other facilities. The house has a parking space for one car. I have spent a great amount of money with the apartment and my request is that you treat it like it was your own.

I am looking for a long term tenancy agreement as I will most definitely never return to London for permanent residency.

I have the house keys with me. When I do find a reliable tenant I will return to London to show the house and complete the lease agreement.

Please let me know if you are seriously interested.


Airport Marketing Manager
Airlines AT Lisbon


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