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Aliston Wilkie

I got scammed by Aliston Wilkie

Brooklyn, New York

I got scammed $7050 by an electrician named Aliston D Wilkie who happen to be a fraud and an unlicensed electrician who uses his dissolve/inactive LLC (A.T.W. Electrical Service) for the wrong purpose. I needed my house that was just recently purchase and fully gutted down to be newly wire with new plugs, switches, wires, breaker panels, outside meter and everything needed to be done by code and permits. I posted an ad on craigslist and Aliston Wilkie found me there. We made a contract agreement of a total of $9400. The job was schedule to start on 7/13/2015 and finish before 7/30/2015. $7050 was paid after seeing process on the job but after that 3rd payment, him and his crew never came back with only 10% of the work done. On October of 2015 I had filed for a civil lawsuit in hoping of recovering some money that was stolen. My advice to everybody is STAY AWAY FROM ALISON WILKIE, the guy is a scam me, is a fraud, not a license electrician and will use his dissolve/inactive LLC for the wrong purpose. The guy hires people from the street as his crew. I have attach his face pictures to warn others, his dissolve fraud company info and the court lawsuit document to show its real. If you have any questions/concerns your welcome to send me an email and if you happen to notice this is the guy you are about to hire, send me an email me ASAP. Thank you for reading my post and hope my experience will help others.

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I got scammed by Aliston Wilkie I got scammed by Aliston Wilkie I got scammed by Aliston Wilkie I got scammed by Aliston Wilkie


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