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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 07/04/2016
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Alejandro Pena

Mardel Souza will Scam you!

Brownsville, Texas

Alejandro Pena, head of Mardel Souza, Inc.
Alejandro Pena, head of Mardel Souza, Inc., is a thief.
He refused to fulfill my prepaid order despite numerous
emails and phone calls over a four month period, lying repeatedly about shipment being made. Complaints
have been filed. Avoid this dealer.
Mardel Souza Inc. is a company of many faces. At least two faces especially since the owner Mardel Souza uses fictitious names or pen names such as Alejandro Pena, Alex Pena, and of course Mardel Souza. Mardel has several company names including Mardel Souza Inc.,"American Made Solar and Wind",Mardel Souza,WHITE OAK BARRELS AND KEGS, and Mardel Souzza furniture. Do you see the common theme...yes ..Mardel Souza.
Other employees that carry out the scams are “Elizabeth Diaz Pena” or “Andrea Karina Martinez Ibarra”
Now let’s get to the facts. Check out his you tube video. Look what he types as is the link so he can't say he didn't do it .
Next is the booze. He claims to sell barrells of booze and not just any barrels...straight from the heart of Mexico. Here is one of his many happy customers. Is this not true too?
Read how he ripped off and treated a respected member of our community. Is this not real too Alex or Mardel, who ever you are. Here is the link for that. . Now those are two examples and facts that have been posted by real people and one of them was posted by you!
Lastly comes the furniture business and that is where I personally know he sells junk!
It is all press board and junk from Mexico.
Stay away from “Mardel Sousa”,” Elizabeth Diaz Pena”,” Andrea Karina Martinez Ibarra”, and Alejandro Pena or Alex Pena they will rip you off.
Stay away from these companies “American Made Solar and Wind” from Brownsville TX. ,, WHITE OAK BARRELS AND KEGS by Mardel Souza, and last but not least Press board and bad stitching furniture by you guessed it…. Mardel Souza.
Save yourself time, money, and legal expenses and stay away.


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At Mardel Souza, we are sorry that you came across this report, but we are also thankfull for the free advertising this old supplier is giving us.

The author of this report, hides behind an IP address (which is embedded on this message so we know who he is) and does not provide his real name (which we could post).

He used to be a supplier for us, and he is mad that we didnt keep buying from him due to his deceptive practices and criminal behavior.

We apologize, but this supplier didnt meet the quality and American Made and ARRA compliant Standards that we require from our suppliers.

We also feel that this report actually helps us and recommend us, since the author is actually providing a list of proved and happy customers that you can contact to get the actual feedback.

Thank you for that!

If you want to contact us for more information please write to:

Mardel Souza Inc

4255 Old Hwy 77

Brownsville Texas



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