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Hudson Caen/ Sean Hudson/ Gail Gagler

Romance Scams/ Internet Fraud/ Monetary Theft/ Fraud

Middletown, New York

Many women on this site have been scammed by this person/persons who work in conjunction with black Nigerians, and USA (mostly Georgia based) mules for defrauding victims or large sums of money into their bank accounts.
Some of the images are of the actual scammer who skypes with you. One is a stolen image cloned on dating sites and used on LinkedIn. Go to to learn more about who defrauded you and add your comments.
My story:
I Reported this to, police and FBI:
I met "Hudson Caen on Christian Mingle. He claimed he was a widower with 2 daughters lived in Ohio, worked in Alabama and was going to Dubai for a pipeline repair project. We exchanged many emails. He sent several pictures of himself and his family. We emailed, Skyped and video chatted. I loaned Hudson Caen, owner of Hudson Oil & Gas Services over $100,000, payable to dealers and banks to assist with a "Pipeline Repair Project in Dubai" between October of 2015 and January of 2016.
These payments were sent to many different "dealer" accounts from October 2015 to January 2016 that are actually "mules" who deposit money for defrauders:
1)M.S.A. Sales, Branch Banking and Trust Co., 37 S Broad St, Butler, GA 31006, Account #000524629864
2)M.A. Sales, Suntrust Bank, 25 Park Place NE, Atlanta, GA 30303, Account # 1000186175096
3)Jessica Anyanwu, Bank of America, 740 Mozley Drive, Smyrna, GA 30080, Account #334043603083
4)Kenneth Omatseye, Chase Bank, 610 Thornton Rd. Lithia Springs, GA 30122, Account #703689922. His address is Brodick Hills Apartments, Lithia Springs, GA 30122
5)Nancy C Saulter,Capital Bank, 3090 Boiling Springs Rd, Boiling Springs, SC 29316, Account #260143423406
6)Kelvin Rich, Bank of America, P.O. Box 1811, Smyrna, GA 30081, Account#334048417356
"Hudson Caen" also showed me a link to a Natwest account with over a million dollars in it that was a fraud. He cites ongoing monetary transfer problems with hit Natwest account. Here is the Natwest account link: (passcode =05960695 and password =swone)
He showed me this account in October, 2015. When I asked him to show it to me again, he said it was "closed" by Natwest. Lie after lie after LIE!

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Romance Scams/ Internet Fraud/ Monetary Theft/ Fraud Romance Scams/ Internet Fraud/ Monetary Theft/ Fraud Romance Scams/ Internet Fraud/ Monetary Theft/ Fraud Romance Scams/ Internet Fraud/ Monetary Theft/ Fraud


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  • Lyn
  • Submitted: 08/13/2016
So sorry to hear you were scammed by this man, I also posted to this site and reported him to the FBI. At the time he scammed me he was using the name Sean Hudson. You will also find others who have posted to this site but he was using other names. Story he tells pretty much the same. He can be quite conveniencing. He took me for $19,000. I just happened to do some research on him and found that he was defrauding another women at the same time as me and she posted on the Internet the day before. I wish it had been a day sooner it would have saved me that last $8000 transfer. He also told the story about the NatWest Bank. I have all the same pictures you do and I bet I have all the same love letters you do also. My online relationship was started December 2014 and ended May 2015. He tried telling me he was in another country I believe he is in the US for very specific reasons.

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