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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 07/21/2016
  • Severity: 6

Lawrence Andersonn

Selling Birds

Dallas, Texas

I find out this guy selling birds on craigslist , asking for cheaper rates than others for baby birds of different kids like conures,macaws, African gray , the list is large . with the website After contacting him he assured me that birds are home raised and even send me the pictures . I decided to go ahead and he asked me to transfer money from western union, charging me 400 $ including shipping. He told me the bird will be delivered within 4 hours to my doorstep and he is sending me the shipping confirmation right now from Minnesota. And now asking for more money as a part of insurance saying it is 800$ but its refundable. When I checked and called those agency people,there is no such agency and the no he gave me was fake no. even he has made a fake website to show the status on hold. I have lost my money but don't want anyone now to get trapped that's why I am posting this review.


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Sorry to hear. But I have to ask.. how could you believe in a 4 hour delivery!? absolute fastest delivery I ever heard. What was he he going to do, fly one of the birds over to you and set some radar tracking updates to a website? :D

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