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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 07/22/2016
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Romance scam

Spanishtown, West indies

Contacts unsuspecting woman over social sites claiming to be an entertainer who has chosen them so be grateful as he chooses ur cash right under your nose.promises a everlasting relationship meanwhile helping himself to your cash n belongings.right now he has a string of women under his spell including my ex friend a strict Christian from England who sends him money through western union daily in different names

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Romance scam


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He gave my best friend in Florida genital herpes hsv2 and syphilis.she is currently waiting her 3month trial for her aids test.we are praying for her
Hell of a claim there, world boss. But I dont think you have anything in the way of proof as to this man being the one that gave your "friend in florida" herpes.

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