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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 08/24/2016
  • Severity: 10

James Dale Magallanes

Sex offender Fraudster in Houston!!! BEWARE

Houston, Texas

James Dale Magallanes or name before James Dale Magallanes is a know fraudster and con artist in the state of Texas. He will make up fake companies and get "investors" to get minimal equity in a non existent company. He is a professional liar and is very good at what he does. Once he drains you out of your money and has you open up credit cards he will disappear, change his numbers and move.

Here is his sex offender registries.

Some of his made up companies (they change all the time)

BP capital
Sky chauffeur
Fly jet 1
Inhale society

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Sex offender Fraudster in Houston!!! BEWARE


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I am very saddened that someone would feel the need to post such a hurtful and false statements about me. The impact these false statements this individual has made about me and my profession have created irreparable harm to me and my family. My initial thought was to not dignify such a horrible statement about me with a response, but after thinking long and hard, I felt I was left with no choice. Someone who lacks the courage and hides behind “anonymous” and posts such defamatory statements, can only be described as a pathetic coward.

The statement made about being a fraudster and con artist in the state of Texas is absolutely false! I have never stolen any money from anyone, Period. I have never stolen or embezzled a dime in my life. To make such a false accusation is considered defamation of character and I do hope this malicious individual realizes I will take any/all action when I do discover his or her identity. Over the years I have had to deal with individuals that have been jealous of my success. Some of these individuals I considered family and friends. Then I have been very disappointed and very hurt when certain individuals have gone out of their way to try and take advantage of my kindness. I highly suspect, given the nature of the false statements made about me, it is my jealous and insecure previous business partner behind making these accusations.

​My attorney has already issued a demand letter to this individual to cease and desist this nonsense at once. ​ I believe in our First Amendment right to free speech, but with that said, I also believe we should each be held accountable for what we say. I am disappointed that individuals are allowed to post such false and defamatory statements of these types on websites without being required to identify themselves. I hope these jealous individuals who hide behind anonymous Internet postings understand that I have all the legal resources available and will proceed accordingly.

Please govern yourself accordingly,
Mr. Dale Magallanes
I, too, agree with the initial comment. BEWARE!! of James Dale Slycord aka James Dale Magallanes
  • Gbrown
  • Submitted: 09/08/2017
This man's crimes are verifiable here:
  • BB
  • Submitted: 09/30/2017
I am aware of James Dale Slycord's many aliases and criminal background. You can google James Dale Slycord (his legal name) and you will see them. He has also threatened me with legal action when his criminal activity was exposed, but he never followed through. Just attempts to silence those who expose his criminal behavior.

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