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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 08/26/2016
  • Severity: 1

Jonathan T King

Jonathan King

Farmington, Utah

This guy will use you for everything you've got and throw you to the waste side. Bad dude run away. Has a big black toupee. Looks like Moe from the three stooges. Has charisma and superficial charm. Take my warning and move on. Saw him abusing his girlfriend at a party. My friend has video of it. Do what you want, but beware. He has a cocaine problem.

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Jonathan King


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  • AnonBM
  • Submitted: 01/17/2017
Knew a girl that saw him a while. He abused her also, went so far as to threaten to kill her. Definitely a very obvious drug problem and a really bad wig that is glued onto his head
  • AnonBM
  • Submitted: 01/17/2017
Also diagnosed schizophrenic now if that doesn't scare you nothing will . You have been warned
Daaamn! I wish I would have saw this before I was scammed by him. Told me he was an event planner. Just needed to google him to find out he has the same address as his parents. He probably used my money for drugs. I have no tolerance for men who abuse women and children. That photo is him for sure. What a creepy shiver I have now. At least it was just my money, and not a woman I loved getting hurt by this guy. Feel bad for the women he's abused though. Why aren't people like him in jail? Always google people before doing business with them. He seems and looks super well connected. I was so conned!


I just looked at this website and you can post anonymously about anyone and anything.

It cost $3,000 to take this post off?!?!? HOLY EXTORTION BATMAN!

Well it looks like this is going to be on the magical and wonderful world of the internet. :)

Just changed my Facebook privacy to hopefully stop whoever this is from grabbing a photo of me!!?!?


Me. :)

P.S. if anyone is actually reading this....please add fun stories about me and let's have some fun with the site. Nuclear bomb codes, responsible for the Kennedy assassination, the inventor of hepatitis c, etc.

Also I couldn't even use my own name as a sign in? Long live the internet!!!
This man told me that he could take me to see Bigfoot. Knowing his rep as an event planner and how he knows everybody, I thought he could actually do it. What actually happened was that he took me to the depths of Magna and showed me a hairy man wearing a glittery unitary.
Jonathan told me he could find me a genie in a lamp. Such a scammer! All he could do for me was find pirate gold.

I gave him a second chance to then help me go to Narnia. All I got was a doll of Mufassa with its head cut off of it.
Also, this guy told me that he could bring my mom back from the dead. I wasn't into ghost stories until he told me about the ghosts at the Off Broadway and Empress Theatres. I gave him my Harry Potter replica wand in trade. He then waved my wand and vanished without bringing my mom back. Stupid scammer.
Well done! I like the dead mom one. :)

I FREAKED OUT when I saw the $3000 extortion program, BUT NOW .........whew feeling better.
I remember when Jonathan watched my cats for a week while I was in Colorado.. and then I was like.. I don’t have any cats. This one time we were SUPPOSED to go to the Opera together as a gift he got me and you know what he did? Nothing.. I roofied him.. best Thursday EVAR! This one night we even threw gummy bears at the stars and decided that was the last time we do mushrooms during Hanukkah. We bought that new Star Wars Blu Ray last year and shocked it with a car battery.. and then watch it.. and Han was still dead at the end.. which was bullshit. We went to Vegas, like in the movie Swingers and Jonathan kept screwing up Mikey’s lines and I was like, “You’re money baby and you don’t even know it.” Well it turns out.. he is not money.. not money at all.. and he does knows it. Finally at the BBQ we met, we had the best BBQ we’d like.. ever had.. and the next day everybody was like, “Where are the Neighbors?” Such a gas.. or coal.. I think we used coal that day.
I was told by multiple friends that Johnathan was the beast drug hookup in Utah. I paid him in advance for the best kush in Utah. He showed up at my house with a homemade cake, assuring me the drugs were baked into it. I hesitantly accepted, to my misfortune. There were no drugs in the cake, the only sense of euphoria I had was from the amazing secret home recipe buttermilk cream frosting . 11/10 would buy drugs from him again
Jonathan said that if I put my teeth under my pillow that the tooth fairy would come. I was expecting Dwayne Johnson in a pair of fairy wings and a tutu, but I woke up surprised i had an 80's Jerry Curl and some Soul Glow left under my pillow?!?!?!? I love the look and feel like a new proud liberated woman, but I feel so scammed, YET SEXY and validated.
Jonathan planned a ski trip for me and my friends, but did not tell me there was going to be snow! What a scammer. I'm glad that this happened to me and not to those poor Eskimos (they could have been polar bears, I don't see race).
It's disgusting how Jonathan King is turning his abuse into a joke. These people have obviously been hurt enough by this guy to spend the time to post about this person. I have also been abused and hurt by this person. I have selected to allow people to contact me if you need to reach out for support or want to hear the truth about this predator.


We have been broken up for a year and you keep pulling stuff like this!!!!

This site is an EXTORTION SITE! I can't have them take anything down for less than $3000!!!!!

If you notice. I have defended you on the ones put up by others about you in HOPES that you would see that and STOP DOING THIS!!!



Websites like these let people post HORRIBLE and UNSUBSTANTIATED things like this anonymously .

Then If the person accused tries to remove it the basic cost is $599 and its not guaranteed that it will come down even after that.

Here are the services available, but are still $599 - $1000 to remove an angry, negative, and fake posts against anyone.


If you do come across this page, please know that putting up things on this page are permanent and creates a form of financial extortion to get it removed. Gone are the days of scrubbing graffitied walls. Now it is money without any guarantees

This one angry and fake post has caused me issues and has proven been impossible to take down. The slander about me is in short false and just blind anger from my ex of a year now. They got online one night and posted this here without knowing that they could not take it down even after they calmed down. This same person placed a couple more ad's like this about a couple more of us that same night. Accusing people of drug use, spousal abuse, etc. If you are angry in the future... just go on FACEBOOK!

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