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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 09/07/2016
  • Severity: 10

Mark Gayed

Essay Scammer.

Toronto, ON

Scammer! Steals your money! He is not legitimate. Very shady. I had a terrible time getting my money back.


Direct: 647.205.9647

Mr. Mark Gayed


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This is a FALSE report.

Please be advised...
... just noticed this false comment that someone posted .... at least people know this is a false comment, written by an internet troll. My name is Tristan, future Nurse, and I have been working with Mr. Gayed for a while. Anyone who has ever worked with Mr. Gayed knows that this comment is completely made up and doesn't make sense ... people who post lies on the internet should be charged ... especially this internet troll who types nonsense and then hides behind the computer - sad! Looks like any human-garbage from the street can post anything about anyone, even at random because I know the students who see Mr. Gayed for class ... at least it is clear that this posting is false ... this person needs to face some kind of legal consequences ... And I hope Mr. Gayed doesn't mind that I am posting all this but honestly, the truth should be known ... Mr. Gayed is a smart teacher who actually cares for all of his students ... this link shows Mr. Gayed's dedication and caring attitude he has towards his students:

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