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Saud Bin Aqeel


Vancouver, BC

Saud Bin Aqeel
310- 3240 Jacklin Rd
Victoria British Columbia v9c3t6

My internship this summer was accepted at the Comfort Inn Suites Victoria and this opportunity allowed me to unite my class theory with onsite practice. I was allowed to familiarize myself with a practical hotel career. However, I did my internship, in the housekeeping division, as Room Attendant and in some cases I did the Houseman position. The target of this internship was to familiarize myself with the day-to-day operations and experience the variety of administration that occurred at the hotel.
This internship report gives data on the background, description of the property, and internal challenges/ opportunities. In conducting this internship, the intern used scientific methods to collect information about the institution. These included a participatory approach, direct observation, face-to-face interviews and the appropriate documentation to describe the methods used to achieve the stated objectives. My conclusions and recommendations were formulated using these methods and the data collected, Thus, this report is made up of five sections: section one covers the general introduction, objectives, and methods of data collection. Section two represents the profile, location, mission, vision, objectives, core strategic values and administrative structure of The Comfort Inn Suites. Section three is comprised of the SWOT analysis. Section four involves the challenges and opportunities of Comfort Inn Suites. Section five includes recommendations and a conclusion.
History and information about the property


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