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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 09/13/2016
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Se bastian weymar colce

Got woman's pregnant and abandoned children

Fern Park, Florida

He meet a separate lady on line dating her got her pregnant put her inside his house abuse her also said he will killed her and nobody will found her he abuse vebaly,physical and let her with out food and water while she was pregnant from him also telling her she was too black for been part of his world he kick her out the house while she 39 week pregnant the lady in this time was separated and have immigration issues Sebastian bring another woman from Venezuela with 2 kids from another men's and put her at resort close too Disney area while the black Brazilian lady struggling with pregnancy and divorce issuesvhe found comfort spot for abuse her,he and the Venezuela girlfriends kick her out the house and left the Black Brazilian lady with newborn baby in street with out food and water or money.
When the mom of his children the Brazilian lady try contact him for help he take injunction and restraining order against her also at the injunction he instigation the police to shooting her for being black and dangerous.
Sebastian Colce use hat from FBI and use his ex wife influence for negligence two pregnant woman's another pregnant woman he abandoned in Bolivia with one baby girl.
He sick he like get vulnerable woman's pregnant and abandoned cruelty and got married another Venezuela woman and hangout pay her bills put he kids in expensive day care while he son need support. He and his woman's is really racist and look for excuses for explains why they act like her mans rights abuses.all his kids doesn't have his name on birth certificate and he act cinisc


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