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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 09/16/2016
  • Severity: 10

Dayanna Trujillo

Humans right abusers, potential pedophile and liar's

Winter park, Florida

She is a ripped off and liar she use her kids for fabricate fake accused and trying put charges in the mother of her husband kids,Sebastian Colce he is violent and abusive person.
Dayanna Trujillo support and encourage Sebastiam weymar Colce kick out on street the prego woman of his children while she was 39 weeks,she's use her kids for scammer mans on line at POF she make mans paid for she and her daughter sagging boobs implants, while Sebastian expend his money with her expensive luxurious life the newborn of her husband in needs, Dayanna Trujillo doesn't have remorse she have fun and harassing on line another moms of her husband kids,Sebastian have 5 kids abandoned.Sebastian is violent and he try choking his ex girlfriend while she pregnant Sebastian also confess he have strong attraction for teenagers.
Dayanna Trujillo and Sebastian Colce is sick and Coward they ruined a lot peoples lives and they doesn't care only thing they care is keep they lives in highest stand but they fake they also doesn't have money for paid all they bills,buy food or paid lighting so they need robbery children support money.
Dayanna Trujillo is fake,phony and cinisc.
Sebastian Weymar Colce is violent, sociopath,liar and potential pedophile he change his name several times in different countries watch out for this bastard he is really racist he also said for the mom of his son "you are too black for being part of my world, I will do everything for you got deported with this baby(his son)."
Really be careful with this couples they are extremely racist,selfish and cruelty mind.
Watch out for Weymar Colce Facebook he play nice daddy of Dayanna's son with another men while he abandoned 5 kids in Bolivia ,USA and Argentina. Weymar Colce bitten prego woman he is sick he also instigated the police to shooting the mother of his son at injunction he try fabricated the mother of his children is violent just in this time when cops shooting black peoples.

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Humans right abusers, potential pedophile and liar's Humans right abusers, potential pedophile and liar's


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